[Kyoto] What should I do if I get lost?

Thank you very much for always watching.
I'm Toritani, in charge of the Universe Club Kyoto Branch.


Spring is half over and the cherry blossoms have begun to fall.
Even in Kyoto, it rained during the full bloom season, and the season when we can see the cherry blossoms was only a short time...
It is very disappointing···

If you go see him on that day...

If only I had come a little closer at that time...

If you welcome that time without hesitation...

I regret it.
And I think that male members always feel that regret.

Just yesterday, a female member received an offer to withdraw and was withdrawn.
A male member who was worried about making an offer to the female member rushed to contact the club, but in the end, the female member had withdrawn from the club, so her motivation was low and she was refused.・
Male members must have thought...

If you offer on that day...

If you make an offer at that time without hesitation...

If I could have made an offer at that time and dated...

I would guess that there are many regrets.
As a male member and a female member, I think it's disappointing to have fewer opportunities to go out on dates.

So when we meet, Toritani will tell you.

If in doubt, offer! !

This is a golden rule.
Toritani thinks it's better to regret doing something than regret not doing it.
Even if you don't do it, you'll be confused, so...

And for female members,

Re-enrollment after withdrawal is very welcome! !(For more information Click here for more information.

Please contact us if you would like to continue activities even after you have withdrawn.

And we will introduce women who have re-registered and female members who have become new members in the spring!

What did you think?
We hope that you will consider it and have a great time.
Thank you very much.

Why don't you enjoy such a new encounter?

And the Hiroshima branch opening commemorative campaign is being acclaimed.

For details, here


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