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This is nishijima from the Hiroshima branch, who has a past with an overhead kick and a broken bone!

It's been getting warmer in Hiroshima lately, but what about your area?

Maybe there are people with short sleeves already! 
Because Nishijima is sensitive to cold, he is still wearing heat tech.((((;゚Д゚)))))
I want to be released as soon as possible... 

Well, the Hiroshima branch has been very lively lately, and I'm having a fulfilling day even though I'm busy!

This is all thanks to you!

Thank you very much! ! ! m(_ _)m 

Recently, I have had more opportunities to interview, and I would like to say,

I know you are reading my blog a lot!

There are even people who decide to join because of the existence of the blog!

Thank you!Deep emotion! !Hail! ! !

I deeply thought that I had to keep working hard on my blog!

Unfortunately, Nishijima has no literary talent at all (laughs).
Someone please share your literary talent...orz

Teratsuji and other staff members at Universe Club are like a mass of literary talent.
I'm just frustrated by my lack of writing skills...

However, there are people who have told me that they read my blog like this, so

I would like to be able to write a blog that I think is good to read for such people!

Please watch over me with lukewarm eyes! (*_*)

Hiroshima branch opening campaign

The rest for today3 days!
The deadline is finally approaching!
If you are worried about it, please join us at this opportunity!

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