Just because you're a celebrity doesn't mean you should get carried away!

It's my turn to go around, so I'm going to put my face down,
This timeabout cool guyI would like to talk passionately!

About a week alone, while overseas travel is not recommendedbali in indonesiaI have traveled

Even my aunt travels abroad by herself, so I often meet people, so I often go on trips by myself! (smile)

This time, a man in his 50s who is a director in Japan,
I became friends with a man in his 30s who is a backpacker.

Listening to thisDefinitely a director rather than a backpackerI think everyone thinks.

◆The male director happened to be on the same boat for diving.

After drift diving
Because the waves on the sea surface were quite high,rushingWhen I saw the figure of the man heading for the ladder, I withdrew.

I was sitting in a place where the boat was getting a lot of waves and the sun was shining.best position for meI was sitting in

I don't like a man who can't afford to be like this even though he's rich.

I was worried about my arm muscles that can't even carry a tank properly.

In addition, all transfers are accompanied by a dedicated driver,
It seems that he is staying in a place like the Hilton over there.

It was a place where there were only tourists who didn't change the rice much from Japanese yen.


◆A man in his 30s who is a backpacker met while surfing.

Before coming to Indonesia, he used to surf while working part-time in Australia.
Probably NEET in JapanIs not it. . .

Not having a regular job will be treated as something impossible by Japanese girls.

However, that person makes full use of a ride-hailing app called Grab,
When I move, I take a motorbike (it's very cheap), and I don't want to speak Indonesian anymore at the restaurant,
I went to a local uncle and auntie's shop.

Because that person can speak English and other languages ​​in everyday conversation,
He negotiated with me and I was able to enjoy various things at a great price.

my board tooAs if it were a matter of course, the arm muscles that carry it effortlessly without saying anything! ! !

I stayed in a place like a dormitory guest house where backpackers and surfers from various countries are staying.
It seems that it is 700 yen per night, and it is cheaper than me!Even though I'm older!
I thought a little in my heart.

The lobby lounge there was a multinational party bastard with a party gal.

Of course I joined!

In order to keep the price down for the time being, it seems to be a style of drinking at home and then going out, cheers to strangers from unknown countries in one night! (Cheers) It's the first time I've said that...

I can't speak so everything is ok!Cheers!Needless to say, it was a lot of fun.

This guy knows how to enjoy Asia!
I thought I was sorry in my heart with NEET.


After all, I thought that it is not so if you say that you will be happy if you have money.

People who can live happily without money are cooler
People who can't do anything without money are unreliable.

When I'm in Japan, especially when I'm in Tokyo
There are many times when the rich look cool.

Papa katsu girls may be thought that the world is only interested in money.
But women see the true nature of men.

Even if you have a huge income,
The feedback from the women is very bad and some say they will never meet again.

There are also men who give perfect feedback every time, even if they are making reservations at ordinary restaurants that are relatively common.

Men may think that being too old is a disadvantage,
There is also a man in his 70s who tells me that he is in his 70s and always gives great feedback.

On the other hand, some young men have such a bad reputation that they wonder what's wrong with them.

Men's coolness is neither money nor ageI think even a voice from a woman.

I think some people think that if they meet at a dating club, money is enough.

Make time to dress up and go to see a man you hate in your heart...
Women change their minds easily, so I stoppedIt may be

If you really only care about money in your room,
well that's itI want to be passive and finish quicklyIt's going to be sex.

When I go to a room with a woman who is only interested in her own money, the man can't sleep well either.I hate sleeping while worrying about my wallet...

good women and good relationshipsIn order to continue
I have to fall in love with parts other than money!think.

It was a joke of a nosy aunt.

Dear members, a bad virus is spreading, so
Please take care of yourself.

Author of this article

My name is Takasaki, and I joined the company in May 2016.I love fun and interesting things, and I go out to snowy mountains, the sea, and out-of-the-way izakayas all year round.For some reason, I'm called an uncle in the company, so I can't give advice about girl power.Even though I am such a person, I sincerely want to help the men and women members so that they can make their daily lives more exciting and realize their goals and dreams.Please feel free to contact us and we look forward to hearing from you. talk to this staff

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  1. Mr. Takasaki

    It is highly anticipated that Indonesia, which has been reported to have no new coronavirus infections so far, will be selected.I don't know if it's true.
    According to Sakaiya, people have an aesthetic sense that it's cool to use a lot of what they have and an ethical sense that they believe it's right to save what they don't have. I think it's cool to use and have fun, and young people who don't have a lot of money should use their excess time and enjoy it while saving money.
    Mr. Takasaki, please write a blog even if you don't get your turn.

    1. sat1
      Thank you for reading my blog.
      I had a transit in Malaysia to save money, so it might have been dangerous.

      "People who don't have money spend their time and enjoy themselves while saving money."

      It is as you said sat1.I'm always looking for something interesting to write about, even if I'm not on duty.
      Please take care of yourself too, sat1.Thank you always so much!

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