2016. 08, 27

Big and bad guy!

Hangover attack bit ◯ Takasaki is working hard at interviewing women like a demon.

Watanabe, who has not been able to take full advantage of her freedom of expression, is working hard at interviews with men.

I am writing an erotic column with a sideways glance.Please stay tuned♪

In addition, the very strong Typhoon No. XNUMX is likely to approach Honshu from the XNUMXth to the XNUMXth and make landfall.
disruption of transportation I think there will be an impact, such as some services being suspended. .

It was an interview & date cancellation festival during Typhoon No. 9 the other day.
Delays and minor problems with adjustments
reschedule or cancel
what to do what to dodecided 40 minutes before the date time

etc. was affected. .

It's a video↓

I will do what I can to deal with it now! !

What should I do ~ (@_@;) I can't help but worry about it. .

Please wait at the meeting place where you will not get wet (>_<)
But, well, let's have a relaxing chat at this time. ?

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2 Replies to “Big and badass!”

  1. Mr. Mamiya, I really enjoyed your blog about not registering with your friend the other day.I totally agree.Is there a difference between an interview and an interview?it's difficult.Sat1 is always worried about typhoons.Especially if it affects the transportation system, the schedule will be greatly out of order.I'm sure you're all nervous as you watch, but the members are even more excited, so please follow me.

  2. < Dear sat1, Thank you for your comment.Lately, I've only been commenting on Teramitsu's blog, so I'm glad you're interested (laughs).I'm worried now if I can go to work too. .Please be careful after the typhoon!

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