2016. 04, 16

With Disneyland 2

As a newcomer

clean first
Clean second.
without three or four,
Fifth is cleaning.

You can finally touch the pc when you can do it.
If you think so, I think you can treat women kindly.
We apologize for the inconvenience caused by yesterday's mail system failure.
Cleaning up while I can't reply to emails! !

After all, that day could not be recovered,
Welcome party for newcomers.

It's not the time to drink at all.
headis my favorite event (drinking), but I left myself alone and came for a drink.
Now that kind of thing and this kind of thing
Forget everything and drink.

Is Ebisu one of Tokyo's leading date spots?
There are many fashionable shops♪
The rookie-kuns expressed their ambitions that they never thought they would,
I was teased by a senior.
This is a Japanese drinking party.

yeah?But it's not like that. .

What was I like back then?
I looked back a little~
・At the beginning of joining Mamiya

President Kida: "What's with that outfit!?DatingJust be fashionable when you go to
New Ningengu "Yes. I'm sorry."


Kida: Isn't your blog interesting?
Mamiya: "Yes! Thank you. I'll do my best!"

No way. .
What is the most dissed? .I don't know, so I'm going to write it secretly.
usually whatwith disneyI couldn't understand it at all.

I didn't even know about the industry or dad activities,
I think there were many rude attitudes due to ignorance.

The more I know, the more beautiful the female members are and the more gentlemen the male members are.
I can help these two on a date
It's so full of fantasy that it seems like the depth is lost when I put it into words
I want to get closer to the world where I can see the squirrel.

From now on, in the words of seniors and members,
love for harsh words
I want to find severity in kind words.

Souvenirs better than going to Disney

Universe Club
Enma Mamiya

Dating club "Universe Club" nationwideThe email system, the alcohol, and the mental toughnessWe are looking for male and female members.
Membership registration is free, but interviews and screenings are required.
For details, please contact the local concierge

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