There is a universe that only members and staff can understand

Postscript: We have closed the comments after asking for some information from the members. . .
Please forgive me for being such a clumsy person. . . .I hope you can call me Ochokochoi Obasan

Thank you Mr. Fukunaga from the Osaka branch for teaching me><

Recently, the number of young fresh newcomers has increased tremendously, and the average age of the company has dropped further.I have very narrow shoulders. . .This is Hikaru Takasaki, who has been on the side of raising the average age in the company.

For this week's blog, I think I'll write about the universe that I feel every day.

so let's get startedThere is a universe female memberLet's start!

Cancellation on the day

I tend to have unhappiness in my family
I tend to have people in critical condition
tend to fall suddenly
I tend to have an upset stomach

Etc. There are many reasons for canceling on the day mainly like this!
I don't know if it's true or false. . .

The reason for registration is

tend to return scholarship
tend to want to study abroad

That's what it is!

As for the date,

"I'll be about 5 minutes late><"
It will be about 15 minutes late, so I would like the man to wait three times longer than the time the woman said.

"I have a little fever today, but I think I'll be fine tomorrow. 』

9% of the patterns that suggest the day before will be cancelled.
It may be safe to be rescheduled as soon as you smell it.

Next, let's go to the male members edition!

The type of preference you told me and the system of women registered as favorites are completely different

You said you were a calm adult woman in your 30s or older, but aren't all your favorites around the age of 20?

Please send your complaint to the club,
The first letter was extremely angry, but if it's true, let me check the facts and take appropriate action! !If you tell them, they tend to protect women from the second letter.

After all, men are kind. . .

It is said that the woman does not appear at the meeting place without any contact.
For some reason, the first date is limited to those who are the so-called kites that the staff are afraid of.

And for some reason Tobi continues with the same man

The woman doesn't come, but the phone call is 50 times the heart rate. .
The phone call when telling the man about the cancellation on the day is also the most unpleasant in business.
When I get really angry, and when I say, "Oh. .Well, it can't be helped, right?"

Feng Shui is NG, but sexy actresses are OK

Offer only for blurry people
Is it a feeling of opening a bag binding?

Finally, I would like to introduce some of our staff.

A rush of offers due to misclassificationAnd then
As a result, women withdraw because they hate dating every day

It is often used as a dashi when refusing a relationship with an adult.
"The staff told me to go for C...actually I'm B, but they said no offer came."
(Voice in my heart: I did it by myself! I asked twice if it was really okay!)

I always reply to women with a lot of emojis,
Replies such as sudden cancellations "I'm sorry. 』no emoji

I don't speak badly about club comments, but I write bad things and H things openly,
Awkwardness with a woman when she was taken apart by a man

There are other universes like this!For those who say, we are waiting for you with an exceptional universe.

I will send you a recommended woman from me to those who have won a wonderful grand prize!
(I'm very aware that you don't have to send it!)

Author of this article

My name is Takasaki, and I joined the company in May 2016.I love fun and interesting things, and I go out to snowy mountains, the sea, and out-of-the-way izakayas all year round.For some reason, I'm called an uncle in the company, so I can't give advice about girl power.Even though I am such a person, I sincerely want to help the men and women members so that they can make their daily lives more exciting and realize their goals and dreams.Please feel free to contact us and we look forward to hearing from you. talk to this staff

One Reply to “There is a universe that only members and staff understand”

  1. Mr. Takasaki
    Then there is a staff from the standpoint of a member.
    1. There is no comment column for blogs where you want to write comments.
    2. For the time being, "I'm always indebted to you." (I want you to take care of me.)
    3. Unthinking "I recommend it." (I haven't heard your recommendation, what about me?)
    4. Positive conversion even with modest complaints. (I'm not praising you at all, mind you)
    5. No matter how long it takes, "No, I still have a long way to go."
    6. Mr. Maezawa's "It's a violation of the rules, so I'm withdrawing."

    Frighteningly, is Mr. Takasaki also in a position to raise the average age? I have to think about how long sat1 will continue to be registered.

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