it's true.

Only one day left in August...
Summer is over, isn't it?

I am Teratsuji, in charge of Universe Nagoya.

Actually, I was hospitalized for a week last week, and I'm back today.
This time I was hospitalized for an examination, but I'm bored every day...

Oh my God!It made me want to work as soon as possible!
I'm not lying.
What happened to that date?
I wonder what kind of person the members who came to register during the holidays and who could not meet at the interview...
I thought about it every day in bed.
I'll say it again, I'm not lying.

I apologize for the inconvenience caused during my absence.
Teratsuji is as energetic as ever.

Ramen Bancho Matsuzaka, who protected Nagoya during that time.
It seems that I was eating ramen in Nagoya every night.

Since Teratsuji lost XNUMX kilograms during this hospitalization,
Without giving in to this ramen bancho's ramen story,
I would like to take this opportunity to encourage a little more diet!

While saying something...
In fact, I received such a wonderful and very delicious cake from a new man who joined me at a male interview before hospitalization!


The other day in Teratsujiice cream okay okay blogIt seems that you have seen

Man: "Have you eaten your ice cream yet?"

Teratsuji "?? (Hate?)"

Man: "I thought someone had already given me the ice cream you mentioned on my blog the other day, so I turned it into a cake."

And I received a surprise cake souvenir.
Such care...
I'm sorry, I'm happy, and I'm very grateful.
And it was so delicious!

There are only gentle men in the Universe Club! ! !

I'm not lifting you because you give me a cake! !smile

Are you feeling okay today?
And I'm so happy to have received a lot of emails of concern.
I am always grateful for your help.

A lot of female members came to register in the past week.

There are still more!
It's so frustrating that I wondered why there were so many after Teratsuji's break lol

9 month from tomorrow.
I have a lot of appointments scheduled for this week, so
We are looking forward to seeing you all.

By the way, after meeting with the man who gave me the cake the other day,

Male: "The ice cream and cake are sweet, so next time I'd like to try something salty!"

Teratsuji: “That’s true! Something salty… rice crackers would be nice!”

Man: “The rice crackers are good~”

What a conversation.

Teratsuji loves soy sauce-flavored senbei,
It's okay to take care of yourself! !


This flow... It seems that it will soon be angry from all quarters.
Excuse me lol

Universe Nagoya
Mayu Teratsuji



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