2015. 07, 21

Common story.

Today is a hot day, the highest temperature is 35°C! !
This is already the same temperature as a hypothermic girl.
It has become an example that is difficult to realize. .This is Enma Mamiya from Universe Club.

Women's monthly event.
"It's Girl's Day!"There is.
This will not cancel the date, but
I am worried about various aspects of my physical condition. .

Some of them are unstoppable chocolate sickness and indescribable melancholy.There is
Abdominal pain that makes me think I'm going to give birth. .There is
Some people are frustrated and uneven and the ups and downs of emotions happen like waves.be?

If you've been dating, isn't there someone who has experienced it once?

But also benefits!
Female hormones come out and make you sexy!become
The detox effect is also expected.

I think I've heard that if the skirt goes up, the economic effect goes up.
Japanese girls are treasures! !

So, please watch over me gently on such a day. .
Women shine more with the power of gentlemen!
Please join us for our monthly reincarnation ceremony m(__)m

Dating club "Universe Club" is recruiting male and female members all over the country.
Membership registration is free, but interviews and screenings are required.
For details, please contact the local concierge

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