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Universe Osaka masked man, Shinya Higashi.
Due to hay fever, I will write this blog while wearing a mask.

It's been very hot these past few days.
The clothes of people walking outside are suddenly thin.
There was also a woman showing her navel, and AzumaitchyI will do it.

It's the nose.Because of hay fever.

Blow away cold jokes, like thisNiceA lady came to visit us.

Slatted long, toned legs.Too beautiful...

Beautiful wavy, beautiful hair.
Pictures couldn't capture this beauty...

On the other hand, this one also has beautiful hair.

When I see your beautiful hair, I just want to stroke it.
It's only for male members who have datedPrivilege.
We look forward to making offers to women in Osaka.

Dating Club "Universe Club" is looking for men and women wearing masks nationwide.
Membership registration is free, but interviews and screenings are required.
For details, please contact the local concierge

★[Sapporo] 0120-957-072Sendai] 0120-954-648
★[Tokyo] 0120-675-858Yokohama] 0120-954-619
★[Nagoya] 0120-935-719Osaka] 0120-220-419  
★[Fukuoka] 0120-062-979International] 0120-978-649     
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★ [OfficialHP

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