2013. 05, 31

Interview, interview...

I have neglected you
This is Hirano from universe Nagoya

More and more male members are joining.
Thank you.
(Only at the level in Nagoya, but ... w)
If you don't try hard to invite women to become members, you'll lose your balance.

One today, two tomorrow,
I have an appointment explanation and an interview with two women at the beginning of the week.
I expect you to be a wonderful woman (I'm sorry if it sounds like you're looking down on me)

Women often come here with the image of "work" at first.
(actually it's not a job)
There are many cases where the word “interview” sounds uncomfortable,

When I told the man, "I will have an interview when I join,"
There are many people who react like "?"

It's not difficult for both men and women
Explain the purpose and purpose of the club, and after understanding and consent,
It is a flow that recommends joining after promising the rules in the club.
After that, it's the end of identity verification and so on.

In the flow of this story,
While guessing what kind of personality it is, what is the number one request, etc.
We will decide if you are good enough to join us.
Again, this may sound like an overhead view, but
This is necessary to maintain the status of current members and the quality of the club.

Many people worry about identity verification, but
Aren't you afraid of dating clubs where people who don't have a clear identity can join lol?
Of course, please rest assured that we handle "management of personal information" strictly.

It doesn't matter, but Nagoya has entered the plum season...

I will continue to do my best in this situation, so
Thank you for your support in Tokyo and Fukuoka.

Dating Club "Universe Club" is looking for male and female members.
Membership registration is free, but interviews and screenings are required.
For details, please contact the local concierge

universe nagoya
Makoto Hirano
[Official website]

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