2019. 02, 16

The result of trying a half-price campaign

Hello, this is Hayashi (=゚ω゚)ノ



Thankfully, the number of interviews has increased little by little recently.

★Even if it doesn't go as far as a great success★
First of all, it will be an opportunity for you to know the contents of us and the dating club
It became an opportunity to get involved with various adults
I thought, "I'm glad I did the campaign!"

(Usami's blog XNUMXst placeIs it because I got a )

“I ended up in XNUMXst place! What should I do…!”
Usami was impatient (^^;

First of all, I arbitrarily decided that "Niigata will not be covered."
I didn't put in any effort. (smile)

I wonder if the concierges at other branches were surprised too?
Oh my God, I'm thinking about it.
I was also surprised when I heard that Usami was ranked in!



Other blogs are buried at the bottom the more someone updates
Niigata blog
As long as the content is a campaign
I've been allowed to put it on the top of the Universe Club website for a long time.
I put a link on a famous night system in Niigata.
It was featured in a famous local magazine in Niigata...

Super timing! ! !
*But timing is important in life (=゚ω゚)ノ

Anyway, everyone around me cooperates
Thanks to all of you, I am grateful for the feelings and attitudes that are too summery...
There are a lot of people who support me
I'm in a privileged environment,
I wonder if it was an opportunity to see it with my own eyes again.

And maybe cheering like "So do your best! Niigata!"
It's a very positive forest! ! !

It's a warm environment full of humanity (´;ω;`)♡


This gift card is for those who support the Niigata branch,
To the members who are taking care of us and are showing us their feelings
Let's use it as a way to express our gratitude♪
I was talking to Usami.



For that reason, I will become a person who can help everyone (=゚ω゚)ノ

By the way, the half-price campaign is
It is scheduled until the end of February☆彡



By the way ...

All the men who come to the interview will join us!I don't know
Everyone is really gentlemanly, kind, and wonderful☆彡
"I'm envious of a woman who's going to be a dad like this!"
I am crying in my heart. (smile)

"Hmm, I think I'll be Hayashi-kun's dad♪"
I have something to say
"Because there is a wonderful woman here! (Truth)"
I am humbly refusing. (smile)

"It seems like you're not on track, but salary alone isn't enough, is it?"
"Daddy's already here and you're in time?"
It's a reality that has been said...

I'm not here!now! ! !(Past tense)
I wonder if I can register! ! ?just kidding! ! !



So, I'm going to live on my own today <(_ _)> Ganbaru

Somehow, my recent private life seems to be a topic for various things
I will write another blog when I feel like it! ! !



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