An extremely dangerous story about an app that I overheard during an interview


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(How do you write a blog?)I thought about it and went back a lot, and found that
The last thing I wrote wasJuly 2022It turned out that.

For the past year and a half, what have I been doing in my office when work has calmed down?Reminiscing.

When I look at the newly uploaded women on member sites, I say things like,It's fun to explore past troubles between men and women in a drama-like way.(殴

Working as a staff member at a social club is, in a sense, an underground job, which is very rare.

Many times, I have had members, regardless of their gender, say to me, ``You're doing really interesting work, aren't you?''
Each time, he excited the atmosphere by sharing the exciting stories he had heard about his life as a father with a chimera of a smug and selfish face.

Well, Kawashima will show it off in this blog while driving normally.

Name itA super dangerous papa story with an app that I overheard during the interview????????????

During interviews, we always ask women about their past experiences as fathers.
Particularly impressive was thecash registerendClassI'd like to take this opportunity to introduce you to an extremely dangerous episode.

*(I don't think it's likely) In order to avoid identifying individuals, I will change the story slightly.
It's not too big, so it's not too bad.

Part 3: Police dispatched XNUMX times!Extremist stalker dad
After the date broke up, he seemed to follow me home every time.
When the woman entered a convenience store near her home, she felt a presence and looked around.
Her father, who was supposed to have broken up with her earlier, jumps into her field of vision! ! !
It seems like they stopped seeing each other after that, but the stalking never stopped.
I go to the convenience store day in and day out.パ パStalker.
Finally, I started talking to the woman's roommate at the convenience store,
The situation developed into a serious situation where the police were called a total of three times.
In the end, it seems that something like a restraining order was issued and they were successful.
Scary obsession! ! ! ! !
I'm glad it didn't turn into the worst situation. . .

② ~ Parents suddenly appear (lol) “This is her 〇〇”!Papa~
He was what I would call a fat daddy who met me on very good terms.
One day when I went on a normal date,Papa's parents were there! ! !
"? !' However, it seems that he pretended to be her and just waited for the time to pass because he didn't want to take it too seriously.
Of course, it would be difficult to continue after that, so I decided to say goodbye.

There are so many amazing things. . .

③ ~Shocking! 〇〇〇 Allowance with detailed statement ~
A great dad.
That's a good dad.
He's an overachieving father who gives a good allowance and shows a strange understanding of everything.
After finishing the date with Dad, he goes out and says, ``I'll give you some allowance.''
They handed me the allowance in an envelope, and when I checked the contents later...

A statement from a major consumer loan is included. . . . . . . . . . .

Did you realize that you had to borrow money to pay for all your allowances?

Well, what I have written here is just the tip of the iceberg, and there are many other stories that I will be hearing from you.
Don't overdo anything.

I consider a person who overcomes his own desires more heroic than a person who defeats an enemy.Because defeating yourself is the most difficult victory.
- Aristotle -

Oh, one more thing.

Because physical pleasure is so stimulating, it is pursued by people who are incapable of enjoying other pleasures.

- Aristotle -

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