[PATOLO] LINE notifications are convenient for using PATOLO.

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LINE notifications are convenient for using Patro.


I will talk about that.

Currently, LINE is being used at Universe Club to communicate with staff coordinators, especially among female members.


Recently, various notifications have been gradually introduced, and I hear that the developers are working hard every day to make them even a little more convenient.


Actually,You can also set LINE notifications on PATOLO.What is it?


For those who don't know about PATOLO, let me explain a little bit.


PATOLO isuniverse groupA matching service newly released in July this year.

It is designed to be used on a smartphone and can be used with an app-like feel.


As one of the characteristics,Male and female members can communicate directly via chat.
You can chat with the other party to adjust the schedule, and proceed while checking the chat's reaction and feeling.


Also, women don't just wait for men to contact them;It is also possible for women to search for men and send messages to those they think are good people..


ExactlySpecifications like a cross between a dating club and a matching appIt has become.



PATOLO has a system where when a message is received via chat from a user of the opposite sex (males are called supporters and females are called talents), a notification mark is displayed on the PATOLO member site to notify you. .


However, it is difficult to notice the problem with just the notifications in PATOLO, and you may not be able to respond quickly unless you check the membership site regularly.


Therefore, there is a way to make it easier to check messages without having to go to the member's site.PATOLO LINE notification settings.


In this article, we will not explain the detailed settings, but we will explain them in detail in the following articles, so if you are thinking of trying out the settings, please check them out.

-About PATOLO's LINE notification settings

Although this feature has been included since its release, many people do not know about it, so we would like to introduce it again.


What is the recommended setting "LINE cooperation" when using PATOLO?The steps are: XNUMX. Tap the "Settings" menu. XNUMX. Tap the "LINE Link" button. #Matching app

♬ Melt in late summer – MAISONdes

There may be some people who are not aware of the existence of PATOLO in the first place.
Although this article is aimed at women, PATOLO has different ways of moving, activities, and tips than Universe Club, so it is useful for those who have been able to date men by using PATOLO from an early stage. I have written a detailed article with reference to the movement, so if you are interested, please take a look here.

-[For women] Steps to get a date with PATOLO


I think it would be great for men to see an increase in the number of female users.If you are looking for new encounters, please consider using PATOLO.


There are plans to further improve the design this fall/winter.
When the time comes to make an announcement, please check back here on this blog.Official WebsiteWe hope to be able to provide you with information.


We appreciate your continued support as we continue to create a matching future.

Thank you very much for using our service.
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