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    The dating type is considered to be A.
    Also, I feel a sense of seriousness in this activity.
    I couldn't, honestly.
    The rate of being invited a second time is quite low.

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    We went on a date after an event hosted by the Osaka branch.
    It was fun to talk with a unique character, Fushigi-chan character.
    I thought that he might choose people, but I also felt that he was acting by looking at people, because he had a business wonder-chan feel.
    Mr. ○○ and Mr. ○○, whom I dated before, are Gold rank, and Mr. ○○ is Platinum rank.
    The two Gold members may have been better than the rank.
    It was good overall.

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    I am very cautious, but
    That's why I can trust you

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    It was very helpful when I noticed various things.We hope that we can continue to work together while protecting the environment.

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    I took two hours by private car to the place of the date.I didn't know because the immigration area on my profile is up to the prefecture, but it's true that there is no fake prefecture at all, but it was actually quite far away.However, there was no delay and there was no problem with the response and behavior. It was B, and I had decided that we would only have meals for the first time, but in the blink of an eye, we had three hours of fun and lively conversations, and I really wanted to see you again.

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    I was 18 years old, so I was a normal girl, neither good nor bad.
    Of course, it is not suitable for those who want smart conversations like a lounge hostess, but for those who want to enjoy conversations with so-called ordinary female college students, the attitude of trying hard to answer questions is not suitable. I think it looks cute.

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    I heard that you are a college student.
    At Page, I thought that grading mock exams was my job, and that I was a part-time worker.
    I don't have any particular problem, but I think there are some people who have different impressions of college students and freeters.

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    I think it's B that is close to A as much as possible, not C.
    Everything else is normal.

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    It was great fun, thank you very much!