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    Please update your profile information and photos.It seems that there is a little difference from the current situation.
    As for the other points, although there are good and bad points that are appropriate for the age, it was generally a fun date.

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    The Picture is my Don Pisha.I was really looking forward to it, but I was a D type, but I didn't finish it because I was on my period.
    I regret it.I made the following appointment, but I'm waiting for the schedule confirmation.
    Maybe it will end like this
    Premonition.It's pretty painful, isn't it?I was awake somehow.
    You didn't follow me in this love game.It's not easy.this activity too.

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    I think it's completely dating type A.
    Under the premise that you are not ready to have sex, or that you can have sex with an extremely narrow range, I think that you are doing dad activities in a place where the probability theory is very bad (from a man's point of view). I was.

    Both personality and looks are good.More than reasonable.
    It seems that he did not understand difficult idioms and idioms.Intellectually, after all, it's about a high school graduate. I think that EQ is high, but it seems that self-preservation instinct is winning because of that.

    If you are not a rice daddy, I will evaluate it as a subtle partner for daddy activities no matter how good you are or how beautiful you are.
    It may be a distortion that I was not selected ... (laughs)

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    It was a relationship type B, but he decided to come on a date.You can develop into a relationship from day one, but if you like it...
    I was able to share a good time without feeling bad at all because I was good at matching with the other party.
    It was registered as a mixture of adult curiosity about dating, extraordinary experiences, and money, but of course money is number one.
    Yoru's personality is M, and it's still undeveloped.It seems that she doesn't like etch too much.I don't have a lot of free time left.

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    According to the impression I saw in the photo (still image), the club commented that he had experience as a model.
    Because of that, I think he might be a little self-conscious and pretentious.
    thought.However, after listening to the way he speaks in the video, that impression faded considerably.
    I was there.
    When you actually meet him, you will be greeted properly, and the conversation will be answered properly.
    It was a good impression, as I felt that they would probably be able to handle their work efficiently.
    I was able to have a good time without interrupting the conversation even during the meal which lasted more than XNUMX hours.
    However, the relationship type was B and the next day was also work, so the specific relationship conditions etc.
    I decided not to proceed with the topic, but let's discuss it next time.
    After saying goodbye, send a reply such as "I want to go to a concert" in a line message.
    I got it, so I had a feeling that I could meet you again next time.
    It seems that several other people have received offers, so what will happen in the future?
    I don't know, but I hope next time.

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    I took the Shinkansen to meet him, but it was worth it.She was the most elegant and sexy woman I have ever met.It seems difficult to adjust the schedule because I work on Saturdays and Sundays, but I would like to meet you again.

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    She was polite and very polite.she thank you

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    She was the youngest girl I had ever met.Her barrier is high, and she had a hard time breaking it down, but she works with conviction.Her father's attack was firmly received, but it's a bit disappointing that she doesn't have the physical strength to withstand our long-term attacks.In terms of looks, I wonder if <now is the season>.

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    As advance data, I wanted you to write that you are married and have one child.

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    I was worried that we would not be able to talk to each other because we were too far apart in age, but that was not the case and we had a great time.
    I promise you next time.
    You're a good boy.From now on, this is my expectation.