Representative Kida will be on stage at the night work summit!! "Matching and the future of the night world"



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Universe Club representative Satoshi Kida will be on stage at Night Work Summit 2022.

The theme this time is

"Matching and the Future of the Night World"


In the current Reiwa era, love, marriage, mistresses, manners and customs...
It would not be an exaggeration to say that we have entered an era in which "whoever controls matching controls the world."

From commentary on Satoshi Kida's first book "Why is there an entry for 700 new graduates to a dating club management company?"



Date: August 2022, 8 (Friday) 26:20-21:30

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What is the “Night Job Summit”?

This is a talk event that discusses various problems that occur in the so-called "night world" such as sex and entertainment.

The theme of this summit is "Connecting the Night World and Society"

To create a place where people working in the night world can connect with each other, and it is difficult to see from the day world
A variety of guests will be invited to give talks in order to disseminate to society the issues that are occurring in the night world.

Anyone interested in the issues of the night world can participate regardless of age, occupation, or region.


Event overview

〇 Holding format Online (zoom)
〇Capacity 100 people
〇 Participation fee 1,000 yen

“Why is there an entry for 700 new graduates at a dating club management company?” Author signed book purchase 2,500 yen (shipping included)


Time schedule for the day

19:45 Zoom reception starts ~ Notes

20:00 Start-Greetings from the organizer-Guest introduction

20:05 Talk between Mr. Kida and Sakazume (60 minutes)
XNUMX.Commentary on books by Kida
XNUMX.Current Status and Issues of Matching in the Night World
XNUMX.Whoever controls matching controls the world
XNUMX.Matching and the future of the night world

21:05 Question time from participants (30 minutes)

21:30 end-online social gathering

22:00 dissolution


If you would like to participate, Click here for more information.Thank you very much for your application.