Launch of Universe Group brand website

Thank you for all your continued patronage.
This is Nozaki from Marketing Unit.

This is an announcement of the Universe Group brand site.
This time, we have released the brand site of the Universe Group, to which our club belongs.

Diversity of love to the world.
6 brands including our club belong, what is the diversity of love?
It is created based on the idea of ​​​​transmitting and acknowledging the diversity of love.

In addition to the already existing THE SALON, you can use a wide variety of services such as a show club that can be enjoyed by women and men and women alike, a matching platform that matches the times, and a lounge where you can meet your destined partner in just 5 minutes.

Now that common sense is changing, please take this opportunity to look for various kinds of love, not just dad activities.

Universe Group brand site Click here for more information.から