Jun. 2022 Insights Report by Marketing Group

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This is Nozaki from Marketing Unit.

We will deliver the latest information of Universe Club.


[Number of new members in September]*Including re-enrollment

〇 Number of male admissions


〇Number of female members

全国で972名の素敵な女性にご入会いただいております。(東京349名、大阪136名、名古屋96名、横浜92名、大宮58名、千葉50名、福岡42名、神戸38名、京都37名、広島28名、札幌24名、仙台22名)全国の女性会員数は合計 7,114名(有効会員数)です。


[Number of registrants by class]

〇Male member

13 Black members, 65 Platinum members, 24 Gold members, and 7 standard members have joined.

〇 Female member

22 Black members, 133 Platinum members, 473 Gold members, and 343 standard members have joined.


[Number of dates nationwide]

In June, we set up 6 black dates, 252 platinum dates, 1032 gold dates, and 1138 standard dates. (* Aggregated by class of female members)

[PICK UP] Corona has calmed down, and the number of dates has increased

The number of dates was the highest this year.
A 3% increase compared to the previous month.In proportion to this, the number of active members of male and female members is also showing an increasing trend.
The number of women who joined the club increased by about 100 compared to the previous month, and the admission rate increased by 5%.
On the other hand, both the number of men joining and the joining rate remained flat.

Despite the fact that the number of male members has remained the same, the number of dates is the highest ever.
Also, looking at the actual number of cases by class, Gold/Platinum occupies the top, which is the same as the male membership class.
From this, it can be said that the increase in the number of dates this time is mainly due to the increase in the number of admissions.

Yesterday, July 7th was Tanabata, the beginning of the hot summer.
The news such as heat stroke is flying every day, and it is finally summer.
Everyone reading this, please be careful of heatstroke and enjoy a wonderful summer date.