[Papa Active Girls] Learn from Dr. Atsuhiko Nakamura, Papa Active Women's Course! Uploaded to YouTube.


"I don't know what we're doing" To the Papa Katsu Joshi


We become indebted to. This is a notice of the latest video distribution of [Papa Katsu Summit].

This time, we will talk about [Learn about dad life from Mr. Nakamura],
Mr. Atsuhiko Nakamura, a non-fiction writer who has written books such as "Tokyo Poverty Girls" and "Unnamed Women", took the stage.

Together with Kida, representative of the Universe Club, a heated discussion unfolds on "How to earn more as a dad active girl?"

In addition, it is full of very interesting topics such as the background of Papa-katsu, the definition of Papa-katsu, and the Papa-katsu market.
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Atsuhiko Nakamura “Papa Active Girls: (Gentosha Shinsho)”

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This book is also recommended for those who are interested.
Women suffering from poverty started selling "sex" for a living...
What is happening in Japan now, the invisible truth will be highlighted.

Atsuhiko Nakamura “Tokyo Poverty Girls. ―Why did they stumble?』

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