An event was held as an initiative to achieve Goal 5 of the SDGs, "Let's achieve gender equality."

2022 years 8 month 27 day (Saturday) Shibuya CLUB CAMELOTA crown sponsor event was held at
As an initiative to achieve Goal 5 of the SDGs, "Let's achieve gender equality," we are pursuing values ​​in love and sexuality between men and women based on the concept of "Let's think about the future of sex," and broadening our understanding of diversity.

What are the issues facing Japan, which ranks 19th in the SDGs achievement ranking?

There are many opportunities to hear the words “SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)” and “diversity”. It consists of 17 goals such as "No Poverty" and "Zero Hunger", and the deadline for achieving the goals is 2030.The theme is “Leaving no one behind” for a sustainable and diverse society.In the latest SDGs achievement rankings, Japan is ranked 19th, down from last year. Of the 17 goals, 6 items are considered challenges.This sponsor event was held as an initiative to "realize gender equality", which is one of them.

I strongly felt that we should focus on "realizing gender equality" because we are a dad activity company that sees diverse "love" with 1 male and female active members.

What Papa Katsu Kaisha can do to achieve its goals

According to the "Survey on SDGs" conducted by the marketing research company Cross Marketing targeting 2022 men and women aged 6-18 nationwide in June 69, "Regarding awareness of SDGs" and "I know the name and content 2,500% answered "I don't know the content, but I have heard the name", and about 40% answered "I don't know at all".The majority are unable to answer even the content.
Even if you see or hear about it, it seems that very few people are actually active.It may be correct to say that they do not know how to operate.
I thought that creating an environment for activities was more important than spreading the activity method.

"Sexy actress" for problem solving

By holding events in Shibuya, which is always one step ahead of the times and creates trends, we hope to create a movement for "gender equality."
Shibuya Club Camelot, which offers music of various genres, was decided to be held, and guest DJs were selected.A study of 401 female music creators worldwide on the underrepresentation of women in the music industry (Be The Change: Women Making Music In 2021) found that ``in the music industry, gendered expectations influence recognition and reward. It distorts people's lives," so in order to eliminate the economic disparity between men and women, we decided to invite female DJs.
Mao Hamasaki, also known as DJ MAO, is also active as a sexy actress.A sexy actress is a job that appears in adult videos and performs sexual acts.Recently, there are many sexy actresses who are popular on SNS, and their image in the world seems to be relatively good.However, there are some people who do not think well of the people in the world because it is difficult to understand their feelings.
In terms of accepting individual values ​​and understanding diversity, we thought that having DJ MAO stand on stage would be a necessary solution to achieve gender equality.

"Diversity" that Papa Katsu Company considers

It is recognized that money is generated from men to women when it comes to dad activities. Some people think that it is "the act of sharing a meal such as tea and receiving a reward", while others say that it is just a light phrase with the same meaning as "enjo-kokai" or "prostitution".At our company, which created and spread the word Papa-katsu, we used to specifically say, “Papa-katsu means ○○.”I feel that it is wonderful that there are various ideas and values ​​in dad activities.
We will disseminate the real world about dad activities so that we can protect the backs of those who have taken the option of “doing dad activities” because of the modern age where diversity is required and recognized.