April 2023, 4-June 1, 6 Papa active women's relief campaign begins!

▼ Background of Papa Active Women’s Relief Campaign

In recent years, Papa-katsu has taken on its own word, and even street prostitution and underage prostitution are said to be “Papa-katsu”.

It seems that some street prostitutes have adult relationships for 1 to 2 yen.

Then it's a bargain for youth!

Side by side with danger.
The saddest thing is that you don't know your own worth.
A dating club is an equivalent exchange of youth and time.
So, Universe Club will save Papa Katsujoshi under the belief that we want you to reconsider such a woman's own value once again!

I will give a 2000 yen Amazon gift card to the woman who came to the interview.
さ ら に,this tweetRetweet and like to receive a 1000 yen Amazon gift card!
We will give you an Amazon gift card worth up to 3000 yen.

* Single mothers will receive double the amount ♪
We will give you an Amazon gift card worth 4000 yen up to 6000 yen.

I want daddy girls all over the country to smile, so why not share it with everyone and spread the circle?

▼ [Papa Active Women's Relief Campaign] Details

For those of you who think you are worthless.
We, Universe Club, will do our best to support you.
Find a dad at the dating club who will support your dreams and things you want to achieve.

All women who come to the interview will receive a 2,000 yen Amazon gift card!

▼ Campaign target

    • For Ladies
    • Those who come to Universe Club for the first time after June 2023, 4
    • Those in Japan (Niigata branch is not eligible)
    • Those who register for the Universe Club for the first time
    • 18 years old or older (high school students not allowed)
    • Re-shooting and re-registration (those who registered and withdrew once) are not eligible.

▼ Campaign participation flow

1, Apply to Universe Club

First, let's apply to the Universe Club!


2, Interview reservation

After applying, the person in charge will contact you, so please tell us your desired interview date and time and make an appointment for an interview!


3, interview

An interview will be held at the branch of your choice.
Get a 2000 yen Amazon gift card here♪


4, Retweet & like Twitter

 Get an additional 1000 yen Amazon gift card♪

▼ Campaign notes

  • Re-registration of those who have registered in the past and re-shooting of those who have already joined are not eligible.
  • Enrollment at the Niigata branch is not eligible.
  • Only those who register for the Universe Club for the first time are eligible.
  • Applies to first-time enrollment only.You can't do it multiple times.
  • If you forget to receive it on the day, we will send an Amazon gift (2,000 yen uniformly) to your registered phone number via SMS. (If the phone number is not available, we will send it from the email address you are using.)
    For single mothers, in addition to the above, there are the following points to note
  • After joining, if we introduce you to a male member, we will honestly tell you that you are a "single mother".
  • After the campaign is applied, it is not possible to erase or change the fact that you are a "single mother".
  • Single mothers whose children are under the age of 18
  • Applicants must have an interview by June 2023, 6.


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■ For women who feel uneasy

■ Employment criteria (for women)

■Universe female members as seen in data

■ For men who feel uneasy

■Universe male members as seen in data