Notice of price revision January 2023, 1

To all members

Always I am indebted.
This is Kida, the representative of Universe Club.

We will inform all members of the revision of the usage fee.


The service charges after January 2023, 1 will be changed as follows.
Fees such as enrollment fee, setting fee, and renewal fee will be uniformly increased by 10%.

Admission fee
Classes Change before After change
STANDARD 30,000yen 33,000yen
GOLD 50,000yen 55,000yen
PLATINUM 100,000yen 110,000yen
BLACK 300,000yen 330,000yen


Renewal fee
Change before After change
STANDARD 20,000yen 22,000yen
GOLD 30,000yen 33,000yen
PLATINUM 80,000yen 88,000yen
BLACK 160,000yen 176,000yen


Setting fee
Change before After change
STANDARD 20,000yen 22,000yen
GOLD 30,000yen 33,000yen
PLATINUM 50,000yen 55,000yen
BLACK 100,000yen 110,000yen


Change before After change
Annual fee 120 million yen 132 million yen
matching fee 10 million yen 11 million yen

Applicable date

2023/1/10 (Tue) Date setting offer received after 12:XNUMX,
Membership application and renewal will be applied.

Example) If you receive an offer on 1/9 (Monday) and date on 1/13 (Friday), the old rate will be applied.

Example) If you made an offer on 1/9 (Monday) but it didn't go through, and you arranged a date with another woman on 1/13 (Friday), the new price will be applied.

Example) If you have an interview on 1/8 (Sunday) and apply for membership on 1/9 (Monday), the old fee will apply, and if you apply for membership after 1:10 on 12/XNUMX (Tuesday), the new fee Charges apply.

●Privilege use for new services

In December 2022, we will open a shared lounge with the concept of dad life called Universe Lounge.
If you are a member of PLATINUM class or higher, you can use it for 11 yen instead of the annual fee of 1 yen.
GOLD class and STANDARD class members can also enroll with the difference in admission fee.

In April 2023, we plan to open a service called “Investment Love Platform PATOLO”.
This is a matching service that invests in women's potential and talents, like crowdfunding.You can use it with a monthly membership fee instead of an annual membership fee, and you can directly exchange messages with women like a matching app and schedule adjustments.Dating club operators other than UNIVERSE will also enter from all over the country, so it is expected to literally become the largest network in Japan.
We will provide a monthly fee for this service for one year (discount amount will vary depending on the class)

Another service is scheduled to start in September 2023.
It is a service that provides men with the skills that women are good at in a style like secretarial activities.Interpreters, guides, home chores, private trainers, etc.

●Reason for rate revision

Universe Club started in 2012 with current service rates.
In 2012, the consumption tax was 5%, so the main unit price fell by the consumption tax.
In 2019, when the consumption tax was raised from 8% to 10%, we considered reviewing service prices, but this was postponed.I wanted to revise it at the timing of releasing a new value-added service.
Three years have passed since then, and we are finally able to provide new services to our members.
In addition, since the service price is written as 5 yen including tax, the unit price (45,455 yen) has become complicated to handle fractions, and since a year ago, the affiliate fee has been set at 1 yen (service Price 55,000 yen + consumption tax 5 yen), it has been changed to an easy-to-understand amount.
Of course, it is also possible to respond to the future invoice system.

The Universe Group has no plans to develop cheaper services in the future.
We believe that what our members want is not a low-priced, low-quality service, but rather an expensive but valuable time and experience.
Of course, many of our members are very picky about whether the price is worth it, and we understand that if the price goes up, we will lose customers.
We will continue to make every effort to provide an experience that is worth the price so that we can introduce wonderful women from all over Japan and around the world.
We appreciate your understanding of this price change.

Universe Club
Representative Satoshi Kida

2023 Replies to “Price Revision Notice January 1, 10”

  1. I feel that the stance is to have an interview, register, and then do whatever you like.I'm just raising and lowering the stars based on criteria I don't really understand.
    There are as many results as there are dates, and I believe that providing accurate information that reflects those results is a high-quality service.
    There must be a lot of members who have wasted money and time on inaccurate information.
    If you want to raise the price, I would ask for the improvement of this point of service.

    1. thank you for your comment.
      We apologize for the dissatisfaction with the quality of our service.
      About three years ago, I thought that if there were no appropriate suggestions, advice, and support tailored to the members, there would be no big difference from the app, and the cost performance would be poor.
      Therefore, we separated the enrollment and setting work, created a dedicated professional system for each work, and tried to achieve overwhelming differentiation with fine-tuned services.At the same time, I felt the limits of the Universe Club web system, so two years ago I started to put more emphasis on system development.
      I felt that there was a limit to how much we could train professional staff, so we will return to the branch system from October, but I have some confidence in the new service called PATOLO.
      We believe that the advantage of being able to choose your favorite service and Universe Club can cover the 10% price increase.
      However, Mr. Saint Denis' point is completely valid and I can't refute it.You are right.very sorry.

      1. I'm sorry that I'm withdrawing because my relationship is going so well, but I saw this kind of comment when I saw the HP for the first time in a while, so I'm commenting in the sense of objection.In my case, I moved to the Sea of ​​Japan side.Also, the reason why there are few women is similar to local sake and ingredients, but the better the product, the sooner you meet and the longer the relationship will be, so it is very difficult to maintain a lineup. become dissatisfied).Because of this, the class wasn't really high, but it was necessary to hide from the public eye, so I asked them to adjust my status and the other person's status in detail, such as specific affiliations, and to protect each other's secrets. I remember that I was set up with a lot of consideration.It was a quality that I am sorry for secretarial work at that amount.If the response was bad, there were many problems with the woman, and as a result, it did not lead to a long-term relationship.To be honest, thanks to the dedicated contact, I have a better relationship.So, I am able to experience the real pleasure of enjoying the process of getting more and more beautiful, and the compatibility of dating is the best.I would appreciate it if the representative could understand that there are such staff.

  2. Postscript
    The advantage of the club over the dad activity app is that you can confirm the person with unprocessed photos and videos.
    The image of the person is the impression of an unreliable employee.
    It is appropriate for female members to use the incentive and allowance.Appropriate because the employee ID card and student ID card are unconfirmed.
    Safety is not guaranteed due to theft etc.
    I doubt this price is justified, given the raw photo advantage alone.
    If we are touting high-quality services, we think it is necessary to introduce multiple women who are suitable for the needs of male members "based on their dating experience, etc."

    1. If you complain, quit the club.In the first place, there is no way to know whether the person's subjectivity, your tastes and requests are met.You're blaming the club for the date not going your way, but that's a big mistake.It's probably the result of your bad dating sense.This is a really offensive comment.Please do not write again.

      1. Thank you for your comment
        We think that those who can complain about such information are our great sponsors.Therefore, both Saint-Denis and Gonbei-sama are equally grateful.
        Or rather, if you think that cost performance is bad in the first place, don't raise the price.
        But if the iPhone gets cheaper every year, I think I'll stop buying it.
        I reaffirmed that we have to realize a service that makes everyone proud to be a member.

      2. Do you know Customer Center?I assume you don't know the word customer-oriented, but it is important to understand the needs and dissatisfaction of existing customers.
        Of course, no one can tell at a glance what a person is like, so I'm suggesting that we should give feedback on the dating results and expand the information.
        If you can't come up with a single idea and you can't understand the purpose of the text, then you should refrain from commenting because you don't feel old.

  3. I understand the price increase, but how about a new system for female profile videos?
    I don't think it's stable because the sound wasn't captured, the voice was so soft that I couldn't hear it without earphones, and on the contrary, it was so loud that I was surprised.
    Please consider

    1. thank you for your comment.
      In the past, there was a case where there was no sound, and I thought that it was improved by buying a new microphone cable and connector, but I did not check it myself.
      I will have the person in charge check it immediately.
      I have long recognized that video and audio are very important, so in July I replaced the cameras at all bases with mirrorless single-lens reflex cameras that are suitable for video shooting.
      It would be helpful if you could let me know the membership number of the video you are interested in.

      1. thank you for your reply.
        I won't give you a specific number, but there are many comments from the staff, such as not being able to record audio, noise, etc., so I would appreciate it if you could confirm it.
        Thank you.

        1. I checked the video with the problem with the sound and issued an improvement instruction.
          I will be checking the videos myself regularly.
          Thank you for pointing out!

          1. Since there seems to be some time between uploads, I will give a specific example.
            If you have any problems with entering the number, please delete it.

            For 67343 in Yokohama, there is still no notice that there is no audio.

            Somehow, I think that it will be a better site if you can ask for a double check.

        2. Mr. Akky

          Regarding Yokohama 67343, it was certainly an audio recording error.Thank you for your report
          First, we will establish a check system.

  4. I think there are various opinions, but since the price has been revised after being deferred for many years, there is no way to do it.If you think that the staff will listen to you in advance and you don't need wasteful interactions with services such as apps, I think it's worth it.If there are many members who think that the price is not worth it, they will naturally be eliminated.If I have to ask for a price increase, it would be better to improve the slowness of the website and to improve this because there are far fewer women in rural areas than in Tokyo.I wonder if it's okay to add a little more incentive to the upper class that pays a lot of money and has a wide range of price increases...

    1. Thank you for your comment!

      Improvement of the slowness of the HP (membership site) and enrichment of local women.I got it.
      I thought that the site for members was considerably improved by the major renovation half a year ago, but it seems that it is still late.
      On my smartphone, the display of search results and the playback of videos are within 1 second.I think there is a bottleneck somewhere, so I will check with the staff and improve it.
      We believe that local women can double in the following products.

  5. I think the premium special price has suddenly increased recently.If you give it to me, let's stop special.
    I would like a more detailed profile of women's preferences for men, benefits, etc.There are many cases where you are alone for the first time, and it is quite a waste of money.

    1. Thank you for your comment!
      This is an abuse of the special price.This is not good.
      However, I think that raising the price of special women is a good thing.
      The problem is that we haven't been able to provide referrals and experiences that match it.
      We will do our best to reduce the waste of our members.

  6. How about a point campaign before the price increase?
    For example, if you set the campaign period from October XNUMX, XNUMX to the end of November, and purchase new points during the period (however, the upper limit is XNUMX yen), the points will be XNUMX% after the price increase in January XNUMX. Bonus points can be added and used.In this way, members who intend to continue using the service next year and beyond can purchase points if they can use the current rate up to the upper limit of XNUMX yen. I think that dissatisfaction will be alleviated by using the points added, and the club will be able to secure working capital by having the club pay for the usage from next year onwards, and I think it will be beneficial for both parties.

    1. Thank you for your comment
      Indeed, I think it's a very good idea.
      I would like to convey it to the product planning department and shape it.
      Thank you!

  7. I read the reason for the price change.It can be read that it is for the provision of value-added services.
    Before that, should we improve the basics?What about price revisions after that?

    The following is a complaint that comes to mind.

    As others have pointed out, the video quality is very poor.There were some cases where the sound was blurred, the sound was too small to hear, and the sound was not recorded.Do you have a shooting manual?It's amazing how you can upload low-quality videos shot by amateurs.Is there a check system for videos before uploading?A system should be put in place to ensure a certain level of quality no matter who shoots.It's not a story that the president checks every time.

    There is no uniformity in the description items of women's profiles.Some women have many items listed, while other women have few items.Is there a manual for profile creation?Entries should be unified.You should think more about your readers.

    Some of the female profiles contain humorous content that includes the staff's personality, emotions, or content that makes them feel uncomfortable.Should female profiles contain objective facts?
    Poor writing skills.There are many typos and omissions.I feel like it doesn't take into account what kind of information the reader is looking for.I feel that the staff writes appropriately as they feel.
    Need to rethink what constitutes a quality profile?

    To be clear, the current video, how to write a female profile, is an amateur level.It's not at a level where you can get paid.If you talk about price revision, you should first improve the quality of more than the basic points.

    1. Thank you for your comment!

      Video quality is as you mentioned.I haven't been able to get out of the corporate culture of the photo life.We will definitely improve.

      About women's profile items,
      The format of the registered female profile in the last month was decided, and the items seemed to be complete. Certainly women who joined more than a year ago and haven't updated since then seem to have different formats for club comments.
      Regarding the individuality and silly content of club comments, it is my policy.As a professional interviewer, I have instructed you to write what you felt.However, there are some profiles that have excessive expressions, and there are profiles that only write fantasies without writing the necessary objective facts, and I apologize for that.
      Five years ago, I would have received many compliments saying, "Universe's staff comments are very honest, clear and wonderful," but now it seems to be in a bad state.We will improve this as well.
      Thank you for your advice!

    2. I often agree with Mr.M.
      It takes more than 10 seconds for the video to come out.
      No video explanation, all XNUMX are similar, waste of time.
      Please correct the information if you have tattoos or hespias.
      Other "women's lies" can be seen through life experience.I can forgive you.
      I can't see through the tattoo, so the shook is big.
      Thanks to the universe club, youth's graduation has been extended for another year.

  8. Is cheers for good work.
    Considering the current environment, there is no way to change the price.
    The website has also been revised, and you can see that efforts are being made to improve the service even a little.
    I expect that the quality of service will improve as the price increases.
    Since I'm dealing with an amateur woman, it's inevitable that there will be a discrepancy between the staff's interview and the actual offer (laughs).
    Not 100% is different from customs, and the good thing about the club is that you can look forward to it, so please do not make a mistake in the direction of service improvement.
    (I've had a lot of things so far, but I'm not dissatisfied with the club because I'm an amateur woman.)
    Little by little, don't panic, carefully examine the wishes of male members and respond accordingly.

    1. Thank you for your comment!
      You are right.
      Little by little, don't be in a hurry, but step by step, you should evolve, progress, and improve.
      There are a lot of improvements to be made, so we will do our best to provide a service that is worth the price so that it will not be managed by women like a sex service.

      1. I think the relationship type is the most important information in a woman's profile information.Among them, I think the difference between A and B is very important information when making an offer.This is a request, but if the staff's impression is that B is closer to A, it would be nice if you could express it as "Ba".

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