2012. 07, 03

Smartphone version released.Thank you for your cooperation!

600 women came to interview today.

Here are the 6 who were hired.

They are very beautiful people.
If you are interested, we recommend you to join the free trial.

*We are currently restricting membership for male members.We will refuse interviews as soon as the specified number of people per week is reached.
This is to maintain the club's quality of service.please note that.
I'm so sorry for those who declined last week. . .

By the way, the other day, when we asked for opinions about the smartphone version, we received a lot of valuable opinions.
We've made improvements where possible and have officially released it.


XNUMX, I entered the height designation ↑

XNUMX, I summarized the relationship type by type. (Preset) ↑


XNUMX, made it possible to select multiple ↑

As mentioned above, we made three improvements.
Thank you very much to all the members who gave us their opinions.


A list of search results will look like this:


Over XNUMX female members

お め で と う ご ざ い ま す.
Thank you very much.

Dating Club "Universe Club" is looking for male and female members.
Registration is free, but an interview is required.
Membership for male members may be restricted.
You may not pass the examination.
For details, please contact our concierge, Kida

Satoshi Kida

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2 Replies to “Smartphone version released. Thank you for your cooperation!”

  1. I tried using the smartphone version It's nice (^^) You've done a good job of incorporating features in such a short period of time~^^; Say thank you to the programmer

  2. Thank you for your comment!I gave a lot of sweets to the program shop.If you use a smartphone and have any requests, please let us know!I'm going to go to the program shop to ask for sweets again!Kida > I tried using the smartphone version > That's great (^^) > > You've incorporated a lot of features in such a short period of time ~ ^^; > Say thank you to the programmer

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