What part of a man are you attracted to?

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It's been about two years since my first blog post!

There is a question that is frequently asked by women when registering for our club.

“What part of a man do you like?”

Yes, that's the title of this issue.

We are conducting hearings to incorporate these kinds of questions more than usual.
By asking multiple people the same question, recent women's preferenceswhereBecause I wanted to know if it was in

Each person will have a different reaction to your question.

Among them, there were common answers with relatively high frequency.

From around 5%.
"Muscular men" "I like blood vessels in men's forearms"
In addition, "wide back" and "bicep"…etc

We received many reactions to the masculine parts.

Even in this era of Reiwa,
“Strong Men” have some supportis obtainedIt looks like

The most popular answer to this question was"Arm blood vessel fetish!"…it was a lot!

there[How do you put out the blood vessels in the forearm? ]trivia

The phenomenon of blood vessels protruding from the skin,
body makeup terminology"Buscularity"called.

Since the forearm is a part where fat does not easily accumulate,
Among the parts that expose blood vessels, there are relatively hurdlesLow.

・Drop body fat to some extent (I think it will come out at about 18-20% body fat)
-Forearm strength training
・Take NO supplements such as arginine

If you practice this area, I think that the blood vessels will stand out.

For training, I want to improve blood flow,
High number of times that can be done about 15 to 20 timesPump feelingis obtained and is recommended.

If you don't mind, why don't you practice it as an appeal point? !

Aside from blood vessels,
It is highly recommended for both men and women because body makeup can be healthy.
Please take a look at it for the first time from body weight training at home.

For your question this time.
There are many women who are supported by muscular men.I once again realized.
(Of course, it's a percentage, so it doesn't apply to all women.)

If you likeOnline datingBoth men and women!

How about incorporating "muscles" and "body makeup" as appealing points? m(__)m

I will continue to worry about such statistics in the futureNoticeIf there is a discovery of
I think I'll post again.

Thank you for reading this far.

Kato, who is a muscle, has sent the above to the brain.
Thank you again for your next opportunity!

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