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A new date plan that was implemented from 3/1 (Sun)
Online datingHave you used it? ?
There are pros and cons, but when I first heard about this story, I wasn't particularly surprised, and said, "I felt it was unique to this era."

As a communication tool with people in the present ageSNSIt is natural to use .

In fact, even around me, strangersSocial MediaThere was a time when we met and started chatting, and our relationship deepened and developed into a relationship.
In the past, I think there was a prejudice against such encounters, but today, I think there are many people who can accept it as "that's right".

Moreover, recently, not only communication apps,action game appAnd so on, you can play games while talking to strangers! !

When you come this far, you don't know when and where you'll meet (laughs)
And the chance to develop into a relationship is not about looks, but about talking.atmosphere,sound✨✨
I want to get along with girls, I want to get to know them, but I'm a little unsure of myself. .
I think that people should definitely use the app!

Whatever the reason, if you think that you are building a better relationship with each other, it is oneEdgeI think it's a wonderful encounter!

Please continue to consider our online dating offer.
I'm happy!

Please let us know your opinions and impressions! !
Thank you for your continued support ✨✨

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