Universe Club Members' Website Renewal

Thank you to all our members for your continued support!

This might sound sudden, but the members' website will soon be upgraded for even greater convenience!

Everyone, how has your dating life been so far at Universe Club?
Amidst the pandemic, have your work and private life become more fulfilling than they were three years ago?

Universe Club offers the thrill of romance, which could even be called the "vaccine of love". Even so, we still feel like we haven't been able to provide our members with a service that truly exceeds their expectations.

"What else can we do to help?"

It was with this in mind that the team sought to make this update a reality.
We have solved a long-standing problem and can't wait to share it with you!

Let's take a look at some noteworthy features in this update!


[Upgraded Search Function]
◆Using the traditional search function went like this…
Select condition→Load→Select condition→Load→Rinse and repeat…
It was so slow that you could take 5-10 minutes just to search for one candidate, or even 30 minutes or more if you had more requirements.

◆After the Update
Searches with multiple conditions have become possible!
You'll be able to find the date you want much faster than ever before!

For example, say you're looking for an amateur lady who takes time to agree to a relationship.[height 155cm/C cup/nursery teacher/20 years old/Type B/non-smoker/social drinker]in far less time than before!

The time you spend on researching a lady you like is greatly reduced, enhancing your dating life!

*The mobile version had a simple multiple search function, but it will be integrated with the PC version with enhanced response times and visuals.

[Quick Video Viewing]
◆Until now…
You had to go to each individual lady's profile page.
Enter, play the video→Enter, play the video→Enter, play the video
It can be stressful and time-consuming to keep playing the videos and decide whom to date.
We are sure you have experienced such frustrations before.

◆After the Update
A playback button is included on the main list of female members, enabling playback with a single click!

This means that the video, often a decisive factor in making an offer, can be viewed in just a few seconds from the main list, thus saving you time and improving accuracy in your decision-making process.

[Desktop and mobile versions are merged]
Until now, the user experience has significantly differed from device to device.
Now, the user interface across all device types will be unified, including mobile, desktop, and tablet.

◆ Mobile when you're on the go
◆ A desktop or tablet when you're at home

It feels the same!

This is the kind of user experience we will offer in the future.

This update is scheduled for 13:00 on Tuesday 19 April.

This update also revamps the internal structure of the website, and measures to speed up the system process will also be incorporated.

Stay tuned for more developments in the future!

Development Group Information Systems Team Kato

*With this update, the long-standing mobile version of the website will be discontinued and merged with the PC website version.
*The membership site will continue to be available on mobile devices.
*The women shown in this article are not actual female members.

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