Opportunities are what you destroy

Always I am indebted.
I am Sota Minami from Universe Omiya Branch.
Thank you very much for reading this time.

It's early and two-thirds of the month is about to end from the beginning of the year.
Is it a proof that you are still young that you feel that time is strangely slower than last year? !

We are determined to make 2020 a meaningful year.

Well, this time, I would like to talk about the contradictions that I feel every day from the standpoint of an interviewer.

That is,
"Characteristics of women who are cute but do not want to date"

It is.

Men love pretty women.

Of course, they are popular at joint parties, etc., and cute women are more eye-catching.
However, the fact is that there are often women who are not interested in such women, let alone romantic targets.
(Sorry for looking at you from above.)

Why do negative emotions grow in front of cute women?
I wish I could speak with complete subjectivity.

① Looking from above
I can't say for myself who writes on this subject, but I have the impression that this type is the most common in interviews.
Certainly, if you are in an environment where you are spoiled and pampered, you may think that you are the best.

② Solidified with branded products
I am not denying the brand itself.
I think there is resistance to women who are hardened by that.
I imagine that the gift must be a branded item.

Stupid characters and natural characters are cute and popular on TV, but there are various inconveniences when it comes to actually forming a long-term relationship.

④ bragging a lot
Although it is necessary information to let people know about you, there are some people who keep talking one-sidedly and it is difficult to backtrack, but I think it is a problem before communication.


This time it was a story from a male perspective, but I think the most important thing is to respect the other person regardless of gender.

I will also grow into an attractive person who can help others, and aim to become a concierge who can introduce people from a more sophisticated interview.

Thank you all for your continued support.