Sayonara Ginza City

Thank you for your continued patronage.
This is Seto from the Tokyo Ginza staff.

It's already the end of the year, how are you all doing?

I think that there are many people who are spending busy days,
The Ginza branch recently finished a big event, and calmness has returned to the busy days.

What is the big event
Yes, I am moving.

The old office is closer to Shimbashi station than Ginza station, is it a scam?I thought,
This time, it is finally on the opposite side of Ginza Station, and it is our Ginza branch that has become the Shimbashi branch.

*It's hard to tell because the picture is too bad, but it's the symbol SL of Shimbashi.

Oshiro, the owner of the Ginza branch
I was very sad to leave the old office where I spent four years,
If you move, it will be the capital. There is nothing but admiration for the speed of switching "I like it !!!".

That should be it,
The new office is about three times the size of the previous office.

I miss those days when I used to say "Excuse me!"

We are experiencing such an old office.
You won't have any complaints even if you get excited about this spaciousness and do radio exercises in the office.

In addition, sink

An interview room that welcomes you even further.
Five amazing rooms.
It is possible to interview 5 people at the same time.

The Ginza staff of the universe is a maximum of 3 people, so it feels like a waste of treasure,
I would like to get along well with the SALON staff who work hard together in Ginza.

I'm curious about the interior...
Whoa! ! !

Mr. Kida and the male staff worked hard (furniture assembly) to create a wonderful room.

One side is a window,
With natural light during the day and the lights of the Shinbashi buildings at night, it's sure to be a great photo shoot! ! !

Women who are coming for interviews and re-shoots,
Please look forward to it (*^^*)

2022 is almost there!
I hope next year will be a year with many wonderful encounters for everyone.

And we will continue to improve the Universe Club so that we can contribute to wonderful encounters!
Thank you for your continued support of Universe Club and Ginza Branch.

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