○○ isn't the only one who appears in adult skinship!

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Did you know that?
It's not just 〇〇 that is released through adult skinship♪

No, it's a serious story lol

In fact, skinship and
Being healed by contact with animals
This is due to the release of a hormone called oxytocin.

So the human skin calms down
The feeling of wanting to interact with someone is a natural providence, isn't it?

This oxytocin seems to be effective for people who are not good at adapting to society.
research is urgent.

Well, I don't have a chance to touch human skin! !For those who say
What should I do? ?

Oxytocin is released when you smell lavender.
It seems to be done ♪

So I put essential oils in my bath.
It is also recommended to use an aroma diffuser to smell it.

When it gets cold, it becomes troublesome to go outside.
I get tired easily, so I hope you can enjoy your daily life and dates.
Why don't you make a healthy heart?

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