Referral Bonus Campaign

Universe Club has renewed its referral program for ladies! Earn $100 for every friend you refer to Universe Club.

Promotion overview

Existing female members who introduce their friends to the club will receive $100 via bank transfer for every successful referral.

If you have a friend who is interested, simply inform them of what the club is about. Feel free to let them know the details and of your experiences, good and bad alike! interview and to inform us that they were referred by you (using your club name).
When the membership interview and photoshoot are concluded, the team will process the membership application. After we accept your friend's membership, you will receive $100 from the club as a gift.


・Each friend you refer must be a new member who has not been applied for membership before.
・Your friend must inform us that they have been referred by you (under your club name) to be eligible.
・The $100 referral bonus will be transferred only after your friend's membership has been approved.
・The referral bonus will be transferred from Universe Club's bank account in Japan. Please ensure that your bank details are correct and that you can accept overseas bank transfers. Note that it may take 3-7 working days for the transfer.
・Your friend will also be able to receive a bonus for signing up as per the Registration Bonus Campaign.

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