What are the characteristics of a man you like?

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Winter has officially arrived!

Winter is the season when you want to touch the warmth.

It's the season when I miss human skin again, so I get the urge to go out in search of encounters.
(Don't worry about the cold.)

However, the world is in the midst of the coronavirus.
Unlike before Corona, many restrictions are attached,

The same lifestyle as before has become difficult.

Even in such a situation
Thanks to all the members for their cooperation in taking measures within the possible range,

There are new encounters somewhere today at the Universe Club.


By the way, this time, a member who is meeting for the first time,
I wish I could talk about just one point to build a good relationship!

I myself am aware of dogmatism and prejudice, judging from the stories and impressions of men who build relationships well and men who do not.

Among the male members, have you ever had the idea of ​​"showing your good points to the other party"?

Men can check the other person's profile information in advance, so you can imagine a certain amount of female image,
Women are going on dates with people they have never had contact with, so they should be wary.

Also, women's profiles often say "I want you to lead", but if you are too conscious of this, you will feel forced and disliked.

There are some women who like guys who are as energetic as big brothers, but even so, it's easy to be a negative point if you show off your mood when you meet them for the first time.
It's best to start an intimate relationship if you're going to feel irritable.

So what's the point?

that is"Behave"It is.

The important thing on the first date is to make a good impression with your behavior, not with the fun of the conversation.
To make a good impression, it is best to show kindness and sincerity to the front to relieve caution.

Because giving a good impression in "conversation" will change depending on the taste of the other party.

It is difficult to cover all types of people, such as "I like funny people", "I like intelligent people", "I like people who are good listeners", etc., without considerable communication skills.

Preparation is important for conversation, but whether or not it actually gets lively depends a lot on compatibility.

You should think of "behavior" as general manners and morals, not a trifle.

It's troublesome to pay attention to the details of your behavior, but the impression of a person with good manners and morals is a consistent positive impression for any woman.

The impression will change greatly if you are conscious of "behavior that gives a good impression" or not.

On the first date, you should be very careful about the behavior that gives a "good impression" and the behavior that gives a bad impression.

Even if the conversation is not very lively, it is important to make a good impression so that the person will want to meet you next time.

It's not about pretending.

A little consideration is the first step to building a good long-term relationship.


I would like to be conscious of "behavior that gives a good impression" on a regular basis and work hard at interviews.

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