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nice to meet you.My name is Yui Kitahara and I'm an enrollment supporter.
It's my first time writing a blog, but it's been three years since I joined Universe this month.
3 years agoWhat is a dating club? ?I feel nostalgic about the time when I joined the company without really knowing what it was (˘ω˘)

At that time, I was mainly in charge of reception and interview reservations for women.
I am currently working with both women and men.

If you have any questions or concerns before joining, please feel free to contact us.



Even if you make an appointment for an interview and wait on the day, it never comes...that…because there were too many
I have an interview tomorrow! !are you OK! ?I'm sending you a confirmation notice the day before, but I can't get in touch with about 10 people every day, so it will be canceled. .
At least, at least cancel!Even if it's just one word, I'd like to hear from you.

It is quite difficult, but thishow to reduce cancellationsI think that , is also one of the endless challenges of membership support.


Membership support is the first department to communicate with people who have made inquiries, so I think it is a very important department as the entrance to the club.
Thank you for your interest and inquiring,Is this club okay?I will do my best to be able to guide you politely and quickly so that you won't be disappointed.

Thank you very much.

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