Polish your man!

Hello, this is Inui.

Suddenly, at this age (I'm still in my late 20s)
"oldI came to be conscious of things like ".

The trigger was when I met a friend of the same age as me for the first time in about 3 years.
I was so old that I thought my friend was someone else. (sorry friend)
I think it's just that my friend just happened to see it that way.
It was a shock to me,A true bolt from the blue.

Thinking that I might have felt the same way, I feel really depressed...
From that day onwards, I gradually became more conscious of it.

Come to think of it, the celebrities I often see on TV are much older than me,
I noticed that many people wondered why I looked so young.

From there, I thought about how to maintain my youth, and as a result of my research, I found out.

that is···Skin Carewas
Ahhh I wish I'd realized a little earlier

Of course, it is important as a premise to send a regular lifestyle.
However, it seems that skin care is still necessary to generate even more beautiful skin from there.

Recently, a certain YouTuber or Instagrammer
secretly sending outdermapen 4I'm keeping an eye on
(Apparently, the component called exosome seems to be quite good...)

However, it seems that it is quite expensive and I can not get my hands on it ... crying
It's something I'd like to try someday (XNUMX)

Until a long time ago, men tended to look down on skincare as men.
In recent years, skin care products for men are becoming commonplace.

With that in mind, Inui, a skincare novice,
● At Nki-hote, we are steadily working on skin care with pearl barley lotion and milky lotion.


It was a irrelevant report that Inui has recently become conscious of beauty.

Do you have any secrets for staying young?
Please let me know✨

Let's brush up on men and lead to wonderful encounters (∩´∀`)∩

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