Characteristics of women who are beautiful but difficult to get offers

When I was working as a staff at a dating club, I thought that she would be popular because she was cute, had a good style, and made a good impression, but for some reason there were no offers, or even if not 0, there were quite a few women.

It's not everyone, and it's not absolute, but I'm going to list the characteristics that are often applied.

・Money money (appears to be)
I don't mind if you think it's for money
If you put it out on the front, there is a possibility that no one will come.

・Highly sensitive to money (appears to be)
It doesn't mean that you can get a lot if you make it expensive, or that you will get offers from super rich people if you make it expensive.
At least I have never heard of someone saying, "I want to make an offer to a woman who has a good sense of money."
Also, even though you say, "I'm not paid enough, so I'd like you to help me with my living (:_;)", it's unlikely that you'll be popular if you wear unusually brand-name clothes at the time of your interview. Maybe.

・Shadow of another man
It depends on the other party whether it will be good or bad to type in the culmination of the dads I have met so far.
You may not get an offer if you compare yourself with others or if you are used to it.

・The same photo is registered in various places
This was previously super cute and highly recommended, but I didn't get a single offer... Why is it that none of the above apply?when I thought
That's what one member said on the phone.
"I've posted the same picture on this girl's club and the app. If you're registered with various people, you've met a lot of people. There are other girls as cute as you, so I wouldn't go out of your way to offer you. I'm sorry for putting myself on the shelf."

Are you worried about not having an offer, or are you not suitable for dad life?For those who think
Instead of going on dates yourself, why not try getting someone to date you to make money?

Even if you don't live as a dad in the Universe Club,
It is said that money comes in every time the person you introduce goes on a datedreamlike mechanism.

In addition, now it is only for women who have interviewed and re-photographed at the Omiya office.
We also have a campaign where you can get a maximum Amazon gift card of 1 yen per introduction.

Of course, from now on, even if you interview or reshoot at the Omiya branch, you will be eligible for the campaign.
Would you like to take this opportunity to reshoot and introduce at the Omiya office?

Your profile will show your residential area instead of the branch name, so it doesn't matter which country you live in.
Would you like to stop by the Omiya office while traveling? Registration takes 30 minutes to 1 hour.

If it's a reshoot, we'll meet at Omiya station, shoot outside for about 15 minutes, and then just disperse at the station.

If you introduce 100 girls and go on a date with 100 girls, you will receive 100 million yen.
Do you have such a good story?You may think that, but there is no back.

You can introduce us to friends, family members, acquaintances, relatives, internet friends, or 〇〇 friends.
Any human girl who graduated from high school!

If you have any questions about Omiya's campaign, please send a message to the Omiya branch on LINE as usual.

It's a little early, but thank you for your help in 2022!
We look forward to working with you in 2023!

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