Road of thorns

The end of summer is approaching, and it's getting cooler little by little (?) these days.


Of the staffJunki HiyamaIt is.

It's already been a year and a half since I joined Fukuoka as a new graduate last April.

I'm doing well while being swayed by various organizational systems that change at a dizzying pace.

There is a kettle (I have no complaints at all!) Now I work at the Hiroshima branch.

Now, the Hiroshima branch is small in scale, so let's somehow increase the number of women!

So I created a joint Instagram account with Arai, a Kyoto staff member, to let more people know that there is such a thing.

So I was approaching various people while posting good photos! !

After 2 days I suddenly can't log in.

This is the so-called account freeze.It's the first experience in my life.

I thought I was picking people, but it may have been a sudden DM that was certified as spam.

I will make an account again based on reflection.

Then! !

It was temporarily frozen in about XNUMX minutes after creation.

This time I had no idea, so I immediately filed an objection and was able to recover somehow.

Are you getting noticed for your name, posted image, etc...? ?

The two of us laughed unintentionally because it happened in real time for a moment.

Anyway, I decided to make a difficult start, but if it seems that I can continue safely, I hope that I will be able to rest and update in the future.

Please watch over me gently.

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