[For female members] Yachae Univa. Interview support grant system [UNISAPO] is now open! The contents are... *Ended*

In order to acquire new members to the Universe Club, the support money system UNISAPO will start from 6/1.

You're fat!You may think that this is a desperate campaign to get people to turn to Universe Club instead of matching apps or other companies' dating clubs...

Actually, because the campaign to support new life last month was popular

"Do it, Univa"

So I decided to hold it indefinitely.

The number of applications for interviews in May... the first achievement in the history of Universe Club

I was able to hit the numbers!
More than 2100 cases surprised the staff, and the call center said, "Please increase the number of staff!"

This Universe Club original system

Let me explain about UNISAPO!

▼Background of the interview support system

Even if I ask you to come for an interview, I honestly don't know what kind of scary person is waiting for you.I still have anxiety.You have to be brave.
There are a lot of people who can't take a step like that.

To take a step, that step can change your own life.
If it's for that one step, let's push our backs!In that sense, we decided to create a support fund system to support women.


And as I mentioned in the new life support campaign, if the government cannot take measures in the midst of the corona crisis, this time we will hold a campaign to encourage women who are starting a new life. I was.

At this time when there is still a lot of anxiety about the new life born with a new lifestyle, we will support the lives of Papa Katsu Joshi, focusing on the problems faced by women who start as Universe Club.


▼Interview Support Fund System [UNISAPO] Details

In order for Papa-katsu-joshi to enrich their futures, Universe Club will do its utmost to support all the women who come to the interviews while there is a mixture of anxiety and expectations for the future!

All women who come to the interview will receive an Amazon gift card worth 2,000 to 30,000 yen!

▼ Campaign target


    • For Ladies
    • Those who come to Universe Club for the first time after June 2022, 6
    • Those in Japan (Niigata branch is not eligible)
    • Those who register for the Universe Club for the first time
    • 18 years old or older (high school students not allowed)
    • Re-shooting and re-registration (those who registered and withdrew once) are not eligible.


▼ Campaign participation flow


1, Apply to Universe Club

First, let's apply to the Universe Club!


2, Interview reservation

After applying, the person in charge will contact you, so please tell us your desired interview date and time and make an appointment for an interview!


3, interview

An interview will be held at the branch of your choice.


4, spin the roulette

After the interview, we will spin the roulette to win an Amazon gift of 2,000 yen to 30,000 yen, and we will present the amount that came out on the spot!


▼ Campaign notes


  • Re-registration of those who have registered in the past and re-shooting of those who have already joined are not eligible.
  • Enrollment at the Niigata branch is not eligible.
  • Only those who register for the Universe Club for the first time are eligible.
  • You can't spin the roulette in an online interview.After passing the online interview, we will conduct it at the face-to-face interview in the second interview.
  • If you are filmed after the online interview, you will be asked to spin the roulette after the filming.You can't spin the roulette without shooting.
  • Applies to first-time enrollment only.You can't do it multiple times.
  • Please ask the staff on the day so that you do not forget to spin the roulette.
  • If you forget to spin the roulette on the day, you can either come to the office at a later date and spin the roulette, or we will send an Amazon gift (3,000 yen uniformly) to your registered phone number via SMS. (If the phone number is not available, we will send it from the email address you are using.)

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