A Tajima blog that could be written with a brain the size of an umeboshi seed

Thank you for always reading the Universe Club staff blog.

I'm Tajima.
Now it's time to write a blog.


Every time I write a blog, I feel like I'm writing a self-introduction.
Just in case you are wondering who you are, I will write it down.

Youhei Tajima
Youhei Tajima


Art Director

Born in 1979.
Born in Shiga prefecture.
Joined in January 2015.

After working as a coordinator at Universe Club Yokohama, worked in various departments such as call centers, new employee training, recruitment, and creative departments, and is currently working in the marketing department.

Cooking, watching watches

I'm bald because I don't think I'll be able to appear in public anymore.


700 women and 131 men

I joined Universe Club on January 2015, 1.
Seven years have passed since then.
If you are a child who entered elementary school, you are in the second year of junior high school.

The time has passed so quickly that my memory is a bit fuzzy.

And how many women and men who have interviewed on the membership site for the first time in a while are left?I searched.

When I first joined Universe Club, I was in charge of setting up branches such as the Yokohama branch for about three years as a coordinator.

I interviewed nearly 700 women during my time as a coordinator.
As of April 2022, 4, the remaining women are...

4 people.

When I see a picture of the four women... it's nostalgic.I had flashbacks of when I took various pictures during interviews and reshoots.
I remember it surprisingly.
It's a very strange feeling.

For male members
About 131 people have been involved and are still active.

24 people.

Don't you think it's a mess left?

I think this is thanks to the CustomerSuccess staff who are fans of Universe Club and continue to use it.

Hungry for that encounter that doesn't fade even after 7 years.No matter what kind of woman you meet, you will never be satisfied.
Aim for the top, seek a satisfying encounter.

I think that they are people who live with the desire to improve themselves even as they grow older.

A male member who remembers me Tajima.
I would appreciate it if you could let me know.

By the way, my love for wristwatches was strongly influenced by the male members of the Universe Club.During our interviews, we often talked about watches, so I naturally fell in love with them.


One thing I'm desperately bad at.

My current position is


I am the senior manager of the department responsible for attracting customers.

Honestly, I Tajima

I don't have the slightest knowledge of marketing.

Every night, I read some marketing and PR books and search on the internet.

I can't even say this to my staff.
It will be coming out here.

Most deadly of all...


I'm hopelessly bad at "katakana horizontal characters".


To be honest, sometimes I don't understand what the CEO, creative staff, or staff in the IT department are saying, so the moment they say it, I start searching.

On days when my subordinates, Miyamura and Kubozuka, say something like, "CPA is all over the place...", I search on another screen all the time.

I already think so myself.



Tajima's brain capacity is honestly a Macintosh G3, so it's tight.


What does it mean to be superior

Tajima's brain is the size of a pickled plum seed.

The number of Marketing staff has increased due to this reorganization.
Due to the increase, the stagnant work has been able to do it smoothly.
I am grateful that this is also because my subordinates move in various ways.

However, I ran into a problem the other day.

I entrusted two projects to my subordinates.
entrusted result

Missing the release deadline.

I was trying to create something far away from what I asked for.

This isn't bad at all, subordinates.
The cause is completely clear.
This was me who was invited by lack of communication with complete subordinates.

And above all, it was also the cause that I thought "I will understand because it is written in text" with the chat tool.

Of course, the lack of communication is not because of the "corona disaster".

Just simply

"Since I told you, the other party understands."

Because I thought.

This is what we call self-centered self-satisfaction.

Since I told you, it's just the result of my actions.

It is decided that the other party does not understand even one millimeter.

It was proof that I wasn't standing in the opponent's position.

I realized the importance of communicating things to people and communication.

In spite of my position as a boss,
I can't help being in the position of a senior without even noticing such elementary things.

more clearly.
more clearly.

Doesn't this also apply to men and women who date?I thought.
Even though I intended to tell them, the other person didn't understand.
Such a small gap becomes a big gap, and even though we were so close... we become estranged.

Is there?

I meant to tell you, but it didn't.
I can't understand it even though it's not transmitted.

"You understand" is my own conceit.
Nothing is "not communicated" to the other party.

I think that if we can correct such a gap once again, fun dating club activities will become fun.

About current projects

and what we are doing now

Universe Club, THE SALON, and Universe Lounge.
Bringing together all the businesses related to the universe

[Universe Group]
We are planning to recognize the brand.


By recognizing the Universe Group,
It will naturally connect to Universe Club and THE SALON, and increase the influx.

by whatever means
We plan to carry out the original PR to expose the Universe Club to people who don't know about it.

Even though I had a small brain, I was able to write long sentences.

Youhei Tajima

Author of this article

After experiencing transfers to a wide variety of departments, I was forced to work by the window and by the wall. talk to this staff