true story like a lie

I haven't heard from you all.
A man whose very existence is like a lie, I'm Shimoda, also known as UMA, where I can go see.

much effortApril FoolBut by the time you see this, I'm already...






It must be April 4nd.

If I tell a lie, I want to tell a lie that makes everyone happy, but
of courseUnfortunately I don't have that kind of talent.
For the time being, please lower your fist.Stop it! !

Looking back, it's already been a year since I started working behind the scenes.
However, even if lifestyles change, human feelings of love do not change.
It seems that some people have experienced various encounters, both sour and sweet.

Our club has been involved in such encounters (mainly sweet ones),
The majority of the approximately 80 people in the organization underwent major reforms in which departments and teams were changed.
8 new friends joined us today!
We understand that there may be times when we cause you inconvenience due to changes in placement, the deployment of new forces, and changes in the support system.
The majority of the rearrangement at this timing... what's going on!

but!In order to continue to support everyone's good encounters,
It's also a reform to aim for a better organization!
All of our employees will do their best, so we appreciate your continued patronage! !
There are still chilly days, but if you want to feel the warmth of people, please make an offer (honest intention)! !

It was an awkward sentence, but thank you for reading this far!

Information System Team Ryo Shimoda

P.S. It was night when I realized that I had just made a useless prank by saying, "Send a false e-mail to my friend saying 'I got a girlfriend'."
I feel hurt the most when I reveal spoilers...

PS PS She won't come out of the screen.Can someone introduce me to the modern day Ikkyu-san?

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