You say that there will be a lot of changes, but how much will it change?

Always I am indebted.
My name is Masaka Tsunoda.


In January of this year, I was transferred from sales support to the recruitment/internal PR team.
Starting from scratch with no hiring experience or knowledge, I was confused every day at first, but I've finally gotten used to the routine as a recruiting team.

What is the hiring team doing right now?
Recruitment activities for engineers and designers, training for new graduates.
The rest is the in-house newsletter that is published for internal staff and the winsession announcement that is held once a month.


We are starting to show up at company briefings and primary interviews,
Surprisingly, I'm surprised that there aren't many people who are upset by the word "papa katsu" or about the industry.

I'm confident in the company's welfare program, so I'm going to explain it with a bit of a grumpy face.
Is there a company that is so easy to work in while explaining yourself?I seriously think.

I can buy you a desk chair.
Amazon account is given and you can get everything you need for work,
I will pay for the internet construction fee and monthly expenses!


However, since it is a company that changes really rapidly, what we are talking about here today
I'm telling you that it may change in April next year.
Of course, it's a change in a good direction because it's always a change to match the trend and upgrade (^o^)

Title of this blog
“You say there is a lot of change, but how much will it change?”
is a question that is often asked at briefing sessions and first interviews.

Half a year for Universe is half a century for other companies (I feel like that.)
I also changed bosses three times in one year.


My current boss, Fujikawa, is stressed because he can't go on a hobby trip due to this corona disaster.
Before going to bed night after night, looking at the airline ticket reservation screen,
He is actually playing by going back and forth to the purchase screen.
And several times a week, I have to shout "I want to go on a trip!!!"禿げIt is said that it will end.

Luckily, we both have the right to travel.
I'll be there soon!I'm doing my best with hope.

Fujikawa seems to have a paid holiday that will run out in July,
If you book a hotel at your own expense while on a business trip, it will be a splendid trip!
If the corona had been able to converge a little more than now... but...
We hope you will be able to refresh yourself there! ! !

↑ It seems that he really wants to go to NY.

Author of this article

I have been transferred to the sales support → recruitment team!