From the land of everlasting summer!Introducing Singapore

Nice to meet you!

I'm Riene Skye from the Universe Club Singapore Branch!
I'm still learning Japanese, so please forgive any mistakes (^^;;)


I am Singaporean!
My hobbies are playing games, watching anime, listening to music, and reading.
I love meat and cake!I hate bean sprouts...

I have loved Japan since I was a child.
I was always watching Doraemon, Pokemon and Digimon!
All were dubbed in Chinese and English, but only the theme song remained in Japanese.
Before long, I started listening to J-POP more and more, and when I was a teenager, I woke up to visual kei~


Since then, I started studying Japanese seriously!
I wanted to understand the depth and beauty of the lyrics I was hearing.
It's been more than 10 years since then...
Yeah, I feel like my Japanese has gotten a little better😅

Sorry if the introduction is too long!

Today, I will talk about my home country~


About Singapore

We all know that we are a small country.
In fact, Singapore is smaller than Tokyo!
However, with a population of over 500 million people, the population density is high.

On average, the temperature is around 31 degrees every day.
At present, it rains a lot in January, so the temperature has dropped a little.
I think you could say it's a land of everlasting summer 🌞


Singapore is unique in that many cultures and races coexist peacefully.
Every shopping mall has dozens of restaurants from different countries🍽
Most people can speak two or more languages ​​fluently.
Everywhere you go, you hear different languages ​​and dialects.
The signboard is also written in at least 4 languages!

I may be biased, but I think Singapore is like a rainbow🌈
A lot of colors mixed together to create something beautiful!


Singapore and Japan

It can be said that Singapore and Japan have had a history of hardships.
It's not a happy topic, so I'll try not to get into it too much.
However, it is pleasing that Singapore and Japan have a good relationship in modern times.

When you talk to Singaporeans about Japan, most people think of Japanese food!
Singaporeans especially love sushi and ramen🍣🍜

Most people know big cities like Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Sapporo.
Singapore is very hot, so Hokkaido was very popular as a tourist destination before Corona 😂😂


I hear that many Japanese people think of Singapore when they think of the Merlion or Marina Bay Sands.
I've even heard the expression "a hotel with a boat on top" (laughs).
There are many other attractions!
We talked about food, but there are also many well-preserved historic buildings and places of worship that offer a glimpse into old Singapore⛪🕌🛕🕍
Historical buildings have been converted into museums and art galleries.
When you come to Singapore, don't forget to visit the museums and temples!


I think Singapore and Japan have something in common in terms of good transportation.
However, our transportation system is not as reliable as in Japan.
Still, it works so well that I don't have to bother learning how to drive!
After all, you can go anywhere you like cheaply by train or bus.
When I traveled to Japan, I used the train to go anywhere🚆
I was a little scared at peak time though (laughs)

A Final Word

Now that you know a little bit about Singapore?
It's a small country, but it has a lot of interesting things to do.
I'm really happy that I was able to improve my Japanese even more by working at Universe Club.
Let's visit Japan again someday and see our colleagues🤗

Thank you!

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