[Papa Katsu Summit Held-Mr. Nanase Yui-sama On Stage-] 7 Ways to Be a Daddy's Girl Who Is Loved] Notice of Archive Delivery

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[Daddy activity summit held-Mr. Nanase Yui-sama on stage-] 7 ways to become a loved dad active girl

The distribution archive has been uploaded to Youtube!

This time, I am very happy to be able to confidently convey the gray world of the industry without using a voice changer and by having the speakers make an appearance!



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I'm Yui Nanase, the only daddy activity expert in Japan and a former staff member of Universe Club!

The content was a lecture on "7 ways to become a beloved dad active girl"! !

A lot of useful stories for both dads and men!Please take a look.



Papa Activity Expert / Former Universe Staff: Yui Nanase

Club Staff: En Mamiya


<Main topics>

・Summit Introduction

・ ① Know yourself

・ ② Think about the settings

・ ③ Decide what you can and cannot do

・Don't compare yourself to others

・⑤ Create an atmosphere that seems to be well-bred (wording, demeanor, manners, etc.)

・⑥Thorough schedule management

・ ⑦ Complete the performance

·Question-and-answer session


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