[Information] Changes to Partner's Check purchase method, etc.


Dear members,

Always I am indebted.                            

Thank you for using our club services.                             

Regarding the partner's check recommended by our club, we would like to inform you that the lineup of examination sets has increased significantly from October 2021, 10, and the purchase method has changed accordingly.

See below for changes.


■About the test set

 In addition to the conventional basic set (HIV infection / syphilis / genital chlamydia / genital gonorrhea infection, mail for both men and women, visiting the hospital),

- Basic set + throat

- Basic set + throat + mycoplasma

New coronavirus gene test (with or without negative certificate)

 has been newly discounted.

*The new corona test will only be sent by mail.

* Also, the negative certificate will be in the form of the prevention society.It is not a valid proof for overseas travel, so please understand this before purchasing.

■ How to purchase

No need to enter coupon code.

Please purchase from the Universe Club URL.On the dedicated URL, the price after the discount is displayed from the beginning.

For more information, visit the member site"Partner Clinic"Please see.

Please use our partner's check.

Thank you very much.

General Affairs Kaoru Kitamura

Author of this article