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[Campaign announcement]
We become indebted to. This is Momone Asami from CS4.

Under the scorching sun this year, the beer I drank on an empty stomach didn't come true...
Corona, short working hours, closed... already, I wonder if it's fun, I want to drink beer at the store.
I think everyone thinks that everyone is thinking.

To such a personGood news! ! !

Only for CS4 menWe are currently running a campaign.
Name it ●●P●●S! ! (say your name)

Please contact the CS4 staff for details.


This is a different story, but recently I've been getting a lot of inquiries about
"Is there a problem when the shop is open?'

It really bothers me...
Escort dating is good, but it may be a high hurdle for women.
The HOT PEPPER app is useful in such cases! (not a spinner)


Enter the date and time and select a private room as you like
Super convenient (T_T) where it is written whether it is short or not in the business hours


I was entrusted with making reservations when I often went out drinking, so I had a lot of points.smile
By the way, you can change the reservation name on the spot even if you make an online reservation.
Use the accumulated points to go to a beauty salon or go out for a nice lunch...
The secretary is the best...lol
Before Corona, I used to go out drinking a lot,
I found a certain point to find a good shop by making full use of this app.


・Personally, shops with a budget of 4,000 yen or less have a high probability of getting ★5 out of 2.
・Is there anything on the menu that looks delicious or that you would like to try?


So, I'm always looking for it, and I've never been disappointed!
We recommend that you narrow down your search by starting at 4,001 yen or 5,001 yen.
(Since it is an Asami survey, please consider it as a reference)


We hope you can enjoy a fun date even during the corona crisis.

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