It may be too late after you are free to date!

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Has it been a long time since my last blog?

The vaccine intake has started, and the deregulation of the emergency declaration has been lifted, and the bright signs have been seen! !

It's spring and I want to see cherry blossoms on my days off.
Please let me know if you have any recommended travel destinations or special plans (❀ᴗ͈ˬᴗ͈)⁾⁾ᵖᵉᵏᵒ

I got off topic, but...

Are you ready for the end of self-restraint?

"I want to go there", "Where do you want to go to the new 〇〇"?

However! !
Just a moment please! ! !

It may be too late after you are free to date!

Have you ever noticed that the woman you were trying to apply for has disappeared? ?

Popular women and women who are busy with work but want to meet wonderful people are all gone before you know it! !

Also, there are some people who are leaving because there are no offers! !

Many women from all over the country come to interviews every day, but encounters are once-in-a-lifetime chances.
Isn't there a lot of people who are missing the timing?

I don't want to miss the chance, but I can't meet him now...
At times like that! !

Get a chance to meet people with the new service [VOICE DATE] and the extended [LETTER DATE] service!



I can't see you now, but
Aren't you excited to be able to discuss where you want to go together? !

By all means, please enjoy a wonderful encounter! !


Kazuma Sanada

Author of this article