Now that I am retired...

Thank you for all your continued patronage.
This is Kamiya from the Okinawa branch.


I was told to be closed on 4/13,
I was planning on going back when the holidays were over.


but. . .


Retirement immediately crossed my mind when I received a notice about the streamlining of operations on April 4

I was very worried, but decided to quit my job.


The Okinawa branch has also retired, so no one will be gone.



picture?What are you doing?Who will take care of Okinawa?


We apologize for the concern.

West Japan staff who are much better than Kamiya will take care of you.


In fact, my friend had decided to retire.
Kamiya's judgment is extremely selfish.


I am especially sorry for the members of the Okinawa branch who have been very kind to us.


Putting aside the male and female members who have been able to contribute to the company and have been good
I gave top priority to my life.


Some staff are working hard and working hard during the holidays.


Even though I'm at home, my hands are free, and I have nothing to do,
I wanted to be involved in the business, but it was a no-touch promise because it wasn't going to work.


I couldn't do anything and it was frustrating.
It was frustrating to contact you while you were closed.



Today was the last time I came to clean the office.

The Okinawa branch often remodels,
This time two years ago, I returned to the position where representative Kida was in Okinawa.

I hope that the staff who come to Okinawa someday can use it comfortably.




What I liked most about this company was the staff I worked with.

On a small island called Okinawa
It is a great honor to be able to work with people from all over the country.
Kamiya was proud to work with such people.



My favorite job is calling male members to discuss offers
The second thing I like is to recommend and get an offer immediately after an interview with a woman.


Perfect for that man.I was interviewing while thinking.


Looking back, I liked these two.



Thank you very much to all the male and female members who have been involved, and to all the staff.
It was a lot of fun working in the dating club industry, which is too special.
Those were exciting days.

Thank you very much for 2 years and a little bit.



I do not have time to send you an e-mail, and I apologize for the suddenness, but I would like to say hello here.


I don't think so, but please refrain from emails and phone calls addressed to Kamiya as they cannot be read or returned. . .


After all, I couldn't write a big deal until the end.smile

Everyone please take care of yourself and stay healthy!



Well, at the Universe Club
We are holding a festival completely ignoring the event self-restraint! !smile

And 3 big festivals!

Three! !smile


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Then, see you somewhere else.


Kii Kamiya

Author of this article