I'm Inui, the newcomer!

Thank you to all the members for your help!

I joined the company on August 8st.
My name is Yuto Inui and I belong to East Customer Loyalty Group!

Before you know it, 3 months...
I am working hard every day to actively pursue what I don't understand and what I want to try!

In my previous job, I was working at the front desk of a hotel, and I have worked hard every day to become a professional in the hospitality industry.
However, somehow I changed jobs and now I am here.

Why did you decide to start this business? . .
Because it just "looks like fun"!
Now, I get a lot of stimulation every day by meeting, talking and listening to various people every day.

In order to become a professional concierge in the future, it goes without saying that I will learn my work, but it is meaningless if I cannot connect the dates of our members.
For that reason, I will do my best to bring out the best in our members! (I'm still trying to figure out how to do this)

Thank you for your continued support of Inui! !

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