To get an offer!

Always I am indebted!
I'm Kosaka, and I'm about to enter my 5th year with the company \(^o^)/

“It’s almost time for you to become a veteran.”

It's become a history that I can almost hear voices like this.
Kosaka, who is about to become a veteran, would like to share with you what she thought and felt while doing an interview recently!

①Before coming to the interview, please think of some selling points!

The club staff works hard to take pictures and create profiles in order to introduce women to men!
I think it would be a good idea to think about it together with the staff, but the time required may exceed 1 hour, so I would appreciate it if you could think about it (*^^*)

The search words that are often searched by men on Universe are...
``Golf'' ``Highly educated'' ``Music appreciation'' ``Karaoke'' ``Stage viewing'' ``Watching sports''And so on!

Before the interview, a woman said to me, ``I can play golf and can go around the course even if I keep hitting the ball!'' ” If there are any women out there, please bring your own golf wear! ! (longing)

There is no doubt that you will get a lot of attention from men!
If you are a woman whose hobby is watching sports, please bring the uniform of the athlete you support! !
There is no doubt that you will get a lot of attention from men! Part2

For women who have already registered, I think it would be a good idea to consult with the staff and bring it with you when reshooting! !

After thinking about how I could stand out in photos more than other women, I recently started to think that props are a genius (lol)

It doesn't fall under the hobbies mentioned by Kosaka! ><
I think there are some women who say that!

it's okay! Let's look for points that can be promoted in terms of personality together!

②I want women to try asking men out on a date!
Lately, it seems like Kosaka doesn't talk much with the male members she's close with...
“This happened today.”And``Thank you so much for the other day, 〇〇-san! When can we meet next time? ”And···.

That's really important! I am talking about this with a male member.
I sometimes hear from both men and women about their relationship status, and the men say, ``I'd be happy if you could contact me at a good pace!'' I feel like they care! On the other hand, when I meet women, I find that a surprisingly large number of them say, ``I'm basically waiting for a date when a man asks me out, and I'll go if he asks me to go on a date.'' and.
I would like to inform the ladies.
There are always lots of rivals (`・ω・´)

This is how I live happily every day. This is Takasaka (*^^*)
I've been binge-watching the anime The Pirates' Journey in Search of One Piece since September of the year before last, and it's been about 9 year and 1 months since then, and I'm currently watching Japan!
If there is a man you like, we look forward to your transfer to our Chiba branch (lol)

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