I would like to have a concierge interview...

My name is Shizuna Minase from the Osaka branch.

It's been half a year since I joined the company, so I thought I'd write about the current situation.
I've gotten used to interviews and interviews, but there's still something I've never done before...! ! !
that isConcierge interviewis..! ! !

I'm happy when the number of women I can recommend increases, but I feel lonely when I don't have anyone to talk to...
I want to talk about something trivial,Recommended for womenI would like to prepare Moessa Hoisato.
"I want you to listen to my complaints, what should I do in a situation like this? I'm glad I met such a nice woman♪"
Let's talk about anything!
You can also make a reservation by email,
We have also created a new system, so you can now make reservations through the Black inquiry desk on the member page.

With MinaseFirstIs there anyone who would like to have a concierge interview?(。>﹏<。)
(Currently assigned to the Umeda branch, so it will only be available to Black members in Umeda.)
It would be great if I could write a blog about having a concierge interview again ☆☆
Thank you ♪


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My name is Shizuna Minase, in charge of the Umeda branch.