[Forbidden] How to meet Eimi Fukada on weekends



I can meet Eimi Fukada! ! !


We become indebted to.
This is Yuhi Kudo from Marketing Unit.


no, no

I wonder if there are any members who remember Kudo...


A year and a half since I was working as a coordinator,
I wonder what Kudo is doing right now...

I'm going to meet Eimi Fukada


No, I'm not lying. It's true.

A show pub currently operated by the Universe Group
"CARNIVAL TOKYO'I am involved in the marketing of...


I'm coming to the store this weekend specially ~~~~~~! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


Of course, as a job, I
1I would like to meet you as a member of society.


To be honest, I can't stop being excited now... Ehehehe...

<Click here for reservations>


I have been involved in everything from the launch of the event,
I'm sure it will be a fun event as an insider! !


Eimi Fukada danced beautifully in front of me...

I asked Eimi to 〇〇 with a tip in between...

Give me a champagne call...



As a customer, Kudo asked Eimi Fukada, a cute dancer.

I want to keep tipping...


2023 years 8 month 19 day (Saturday)
Opening: 19: 00
Start: 19: 20
End: 21:00
※By appointment only※

<Click here for reservations>


While suppressing such feelings somehow,

On the day of the event, I will work with tears in my eyes as an operational staff! !


It seems that there are currently about 10 seats available...


If anyone has any plans for this weekend,
Please enjoy it for me! ! ! ! !Let's go! ! ! ! ! !


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Nice to meet you, I'm Yuhi Kudo, a newcomer.I can't continue working out.I like the futon.