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    We met at night, and although the geography of Kobe was vague, I made a reservation for an izakaya, so we walked around and chatted.It was quite a fun moment when alcohol entered, and we fell in love with each other in that flow.It was good that I was naive and shy in the beginning, but no matter how old I got, I was in a good mood and I felt happy.

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    As someone who runs a company, I have something I would like to ask from the same standpoint, so I made an offer.

    It's fine to force yourself to talk about the same topic with the students, but I felt that using it like this is the best for me.

    I enjoyed the contents while eating a very good time.

    Due to my work, there are times when it is difficult to meet my schedule, but I am grateful that I am always able to meet good people.

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     When I talked about dating conditions, "I wanted a relationship type A, but the person at the office said, 'There are few offers,' so I registered as B. However, in reality, there is absolutely no way other than A. I won't say it, but basically I don't think about it."

     There is a possibility that it is a way to refuse me, but if what she is saying is true, the club office will say, "Since there are few offers at A, I will register at B, and when she proposes a relationship beyond eating and drinking. You can refuse it."

     I don't think it's an impossible case, but in the case of other female members, the club comment contains a hint of something like "You chose B, but it seems to be B that is close to A." Well, I understand with the breathing of Aun, and I decide not to make an offer.

    However, in the case of this member, there is no hint of such a thing, and I put in an offer because it was written like a genuine B, but it seems that it is actually an A, and I have a sense of distrust as if I had been deceived.

    There was a difference in the contents of the profile, and how was the date overall, saying that it was "inferior"? "It was bad" was only for the above points, and other than that, there were no particular problems.

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    As a mistress, she has a strong sense of divisibility.
    I tried to create a bright atmosphere, but I couldn't deny that the atmosphere was heavy with only stories of misfortunes and hardships.

    I wonder if the person himself is tired from the beginning?I could only see it as a wind feeling.
    If you can't enjoy each other, I think it's no use saying that you can't keep up with the people you've met so far.

    From the woman's side, of course, I understand that she doesn't want to have an adult relationship with someone she doesn't like, but
    This time, I said that I don't have to have an adult relationship, but
    I think that he is an honest person, for better or worse, because he has an atmosphere of reluctance and reluctance.

    I've always been told that the standard for men to take me out to dinner is that it must be a high-class place that I can't go to by myself.
    I think it's an honest feeling, but it seems exhausting to continue the relationship.
    For the time being, I promised the next date, but I don't think it will last if it feels the same.

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    had a good time,
    Thank you all!

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    Second date.
    Cancellation without contact.I can't connect even if I contact you.
    It's the worst.

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    It was a woman close to black rank

  • ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ [Appearance] 10 [Contents] 10 [Personality] 10 [Etiquette] 10

    It was a woman close to black rank

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    He is the most kind, elegant, and caring person, and when you meet him, you will be healed.
    For me, it is the highest ranked class as a class.
    She has a great chemistry and a perfect feeling, and she seems to be dating, so I want to take care of her.I feel really happy to have met such a wonderful person, thank you very much.

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    We had a great time!

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    He called me XNUMX minutes before the appointment and was very polite.The date was also very fun and it was time for the last train in no time.I can promise the next date and am looking forward to it.

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    She changed her hairstyle and became more cute.I like otaku, so we got along well and had a fun conversation from beginning to end.I heard that you were shy, but I'm glad you were able to open up to me immediately.It's definitely not a look for everyone, but it fits my seemingly wide but very narrow sweet spot perfectly.Recently, I've started to enjoy raising children, so I feel like I've stepped up to the second stage of the universe.We will polish it so that it can be platinum class from the rough stone.Thank you for the wonderful meeting.